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Rick A. Griffith

Who is Rick A. Griffith?

I can be described among other things as a world traveler, serial entrepreneur, fitness guru, writer, and site founder of However who someone really is goes far beyond these titles.

I am an eternal optimist who actually enjoys long walks on the beach at night, especially when drunk and in Ft. Lauderdale. I currently reside in Seattle, WA where I am pursuing a career in Real Estate.

I'm just a dude that started a website because I believe that many young people are constantly misguided in our society. Hard work, a stable job and a mundane existance seem to be the default that most of us are striving for.

My goal is to break this mold, and show my readers that:

  • Life doesn't have to suck
  • World travel doesn't have to be when your 70 and retired
  • You can actually live an amazing life by choosing to rebel against cultural norms
  • You don't have to be anyone other than your true self
  • You can find happiness and success by being unconventional & blazing your own trail

I cover everything from long term world travel to fitness and try to give the best information available to my readers.

It's time we all stop listening to outdated information and start living the good life. It's time to Live Bueno.