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Welcome everyone to Living Bueno! A lifestyle, travel and business blog containing unmatched content and stunning, video, audio and intriguing blog posts. My name is Rick Griffith and I started this blog to help those in the pursuit of happiness. Whether it be through world travel, a start-up business venture, or just a motivational kick in the butt, my goal is to change lives and provide content seen no where else. We will provide a witty, edgy and extremely comical  take on life through the eyes of a 20’s something with an undying passion to succeed. If you can relate sign up right now! We will be interviewing the best in business and providing a point of view from successful members of society, while answering questions and comments from our readers. If you want to live a better life, pursue your true calling and see the beautiful places this world has too offer before you reach 80, subscribe and enjoy! It’s time to Live Bueno!

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