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20 Lbs in 20 days, a challenge to you all!

Me in Highschool, not bad huh?

So weight loss in America seems to be a pretty hot topic. With the hundreds of diets and millions of dollars made off the newest magic pill, we all seem to be searching for an answer to the obesity epidemic. I got fed up with my own appearance earlier this year and lost 65 lbs in 3 months. After that I have been coming off and on the program and enjoying not having to count every calorie for a few months.

Me currently, still handsome I know, but a bit portly

Well it's time to get back on the horse and I'm going to make it tough on myself! 20 lbs in 20 days will be a new series premiering in the "Life with Rick" section of the site. I started this challenge on November 1st at midnight and will be completing the transformation November 21st at midnight. Follow me along the journey as I show you how to design a program for rapid, yet sustainable weight loss.

So far in 2 days I've lost 7 lbs, so I am well ahead of schedule. Along for the ride I will also be showing a few close friends who have also decided to take the challenge and their progress.

If you are interested in taking the challenge as well, let me know and I will send you a free complete diet and workout plan specific to your own needs. I'm not a nutritionist, but I am a certified personal trainer as well as someone who has struggled with my own weight enough to know how to manipulate it.

Included will be weekly weigh-ins, grocery shopping tips, exercise videos and even how to prepare some healthy meals. If your in a rut and looking for a jumpstart, start right here!

You can contact me at RickAGriffith@hotmail.com

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