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The Mandatory My Goals for 2010 post


Yes I know how you’re probably going to get so many best of 2009 and goals for 2010 posts in the coming weeks that you’ll start to hate them as much as your Christmas night food hangover, but I had to do it. 2010 is posed to be quite a big year for me and they say if you don’t write down your goals they won’t happen.


So grab your vodka nog, nestle next to the fire with your new Mac book in tow and enjoy my damn post or at least try.

1. Spend at least half the year out of the state (preferably out of the country)- It’s not that I don’t like Seattle, it’s more that I need to get away more than the guy in the Keystone light commercial who knocks down all the shelves reaching for the chips (yes that bad). A vital part of attempting to become a travel writer is actually traveling surprisingly enough. Topping my list of destinations are Buenos Aires, Berlin, Amsterdam and Munich for Oktoberfest. It should be quite the ride so stay tuned…


Do they? Great book by the way oh and watch out for an interview soon to come!

2. Become fluent in Spanish- It is a skill that not many possess and one that takes time and patience. Learning a second language fluently is something only 9% of Americans can do. Not only will it be awesome for traveling and allow me to hit on women from all over the world, but it will also give me a much needed skill that sets me apart from other candidates should I need to take some part time work.


3. Lose 60 more LBS- Yes I set a goal in February of last year to lose 100 lbs and so far I’ve lost 60 and then decided I was comfortable for a while, after all that is like an entire Olsen twin. However it is clearly time to shed my remaining pudge, having completed the Mary Kate leg of my weight loss, it is only fitting that I must not complete the Ashley portion. Hell, maybe when I’m done I can have a celebratory drink with Uncle Jesse.


 By for the coolest picture posted to date on this site, hands down...

4. Build my blog to 10,000 hits per month.- It has been a successful month and a half for Living Bueno, having interviewed some amazing people and creating something that I really think people my age can use and like. So far we are averaging about 2,000 hits per month, not bad for the sort amount of time since the site began. As the content gets better and the following grows I think 10k per month is feasible. I also want to take this time to say that I thank everyone who follows along here. I hope you can tell that I deeply care about the content I put out and appreciate all of your support!

5. Get Published- I really think it is time I get something published. While I push out some entertaining lighthearted content at times, I know that the articles I’m submitting to publications will be published very soon. I have poured my heart and soul into these works and have labored for hours on end making every sentence flow seamlessly. I know its coming I just hope that it’s soon.


6. Jump out of a plane (preferably with a parachute attached)- I really want to go skydiving, however I hear the weight limit is 250. While I’m around that number, I think I might give myself a little wiggle room. If the limit is 250 I’d like to be at least 230 before jumping. Then again winter in Seattle can be pretty depressing. If I’m here for it next year still I may just risk it.


7. Make a lifelong friend- This is pretty hard to do, for real. I have good friends and all but I really want to find some good likeminded friends I can count on. I should have more than enough opportunities with traveling around the world and tirelessly networking that this should be something I can make happen.

8. Finish my first book- I’ve started writing my first semi-autobiographic book. It will include some outrageous stories from the past, by anyone’s standards and some of the great experiences I endure while out on the road. Maybe I won’t be finished by this time next year, but at least I should have a nice start.


So yea I’m going to stop right there and not do the standard 10, sorry. I could make some up and say I want to swim with dolphins or get a colonoscopy, but the truth is I have far too many dreams too put down on paper. I will focus on these priorities and make this year one that is memorable in my ongoing maturation process for being the time that turned it all around. Or at least I hope…

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