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The Itinerary of an obsessed traveler

The Itinerary of an obsessed traveler


 So as you all know by now, I will soon be departing for Buenos Aires. It has been an unbelievable road that has led me to actually finalizing my plans and writing this post, but suffice to say that my endless persistence and insomnia enable me to find quite the deal!

 A week ago I was completely depressed, fearing this voyage would never happen and that everything I had been working on for so long seemed unattainable. It was a Sunday night and I was staring blankly at the ceiling in my room, thinking maybe this just isn’t meant to be. Maybe all the signs that seemed to be pointing me to this trip were really just an illusion, a confluence of events that had no meaning, but rather had me drawing out a false meaning that wasn’t really there.

The costs of the trip were going up each day and I could no longer afford to book my stay and my flights, I was distraught. To worsen matters, I found that Argentina was now enforcing a new fee for all Americans flying into the country of an additional $131.00. Great, now its even more unrealistic. I started immediately looking at other destinations I might be able to go to and at least start my travel writing career. Maybe Panama city then a bus to San Jose, Costa Rica then fly to Puerto Rico for a few nights before coming home. The alluring cheap flights made it seem feasible.

Still the Bright lights of Buenos Aires, the many contacts I have already made, the business people who I had spoken with, I already had a network. It was what I had been dreaming of now for 14 months, I couldn't shake the feeling drawing me there. The flights were just ridiculous and the entry fee? Why now?

I decided to sit down one last time and do the math, maybe see if a loophole existed. I was so close to just giving up, but fine one last look.

 Kayak.com lets check SEA to BUE ok $1347 damn

1347 is expensive + $131= $1478 hmm… Ya that like almost my entire budget, damn entry fee….


Commence 35 minutes of research on entry fee loopholes.

hmm.. It says here that you only have to pay it if flying in not if you come in by land.

Wait I remember now when researching my back up trip, that Spirit Air fly’s from Florida to Lima for really cheap how much was it? Wow,$289 not bad, how much to get to Florida from Seattle? $120 ok now were rolling, shit I need a coffee lets make this work somehow.

Ok so $120+$289 all fees included = $409, shit that’s cheap.

Ok how the hell am I gonna get to BA from Lima? Flying is out because of the fee, plus its another $400, not worth it.

Commence 1 hour of bus research and trying to translate it from Spanish to English

Ok, ok, I'm on to something here. $65 from Lima to Santiago by bus, that’s nothing, I can take the pain of a 44 hour bus drive, plus I get to see two cities I wouldn’t have before.

$67 from Santiago to Buenos Aires, very nice $65+$67= $132 that beats $431 for sure!

Ok so lets look at this as a whole $120+289+65+67=$541 that’s to get there, not bad.

For some reason flights are cheaper on the way back $174 Lima to FLL $132 FLL to SEA.

That’s $306+ our bus fare of $132= $436 on the way back, so tired of math need another coffee, or some crack (joking, but seriously it’d help)

So $436+532 = $977 for a grand total of all our transportation costs, that’s way better!

In the words of the late Bernie Mac “Let me break it down like a fraction for ya”.

Original price SEA to BUE including Airport entry fee- $1478

My new crazy plan?- $977

“A difference of” Said it like Bob Barker- $501


(Photo from TVCrunch.com)

Ding, Ding, Ding. Rick you are the showcase winner, You win not only showcase 1 a Trip to your beloved Buenos Aires, but also Showcase 2 including trips to Florida, Lima and Santiago!!! Oh yea the price is right!

 Damn I’m excited.

 I’ll leave you with a quote tonight. Remembering I was about to give up I went back and read a bit of inspiration from one of my favorite books, “The Alchemist”. On the first page I opened up to randomly, I read this quote(all bullshit aside)…

 “What you still need to know is this: before a dream is realized, the Soul of the World tests everything that was learned along the way. It does this not because it is evil, but so that we can, in addition to realizing our dreams, master the lessons we’ve learned as we’ve moved toward that dream. That’s the point at which, as we say in the language of the desert, one ‘dies of thirst just when the palm trees have appeared on the horizon.”

Word, Paulo Choelho, Word.


Is that a smile I feel coming on?

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