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Interview with Derek Charlebois, Scivation rep and Bodybuilder

I recently had the chance to chat with Derek Charlebois bodybuilding expert and Scivation representative. Scivation is one of the most respected and reputable supplement companies in the business. To learn more visit their website http://www.scivation.com

By- Rick Griffith

Question 1 (Rick Griffith)
Derek, you started off as a skinny kid and have built yourself into a "Beast". What kind of discipline and sacrifices have you had to make in order to accomplish this?


Derek Charlebois: I really don’t think I have made many sacrifices, but have definitely had to be disciplined over the years. All throughout college I carried a small cooler with all my meals in it with me every day. I usually cooked about three days worth of food at one time then packed up my meals for those three days. During this time, I was also waking up at 5 AM to head to the gym before my classes. I woke up early to go to the gym because it ensured I would not miss my workout due to other responsibilities and it also allowed me to have the entire evening to do my homework and study.  Having a set schedule allowed me to not only get all my workouts in but also have enough time to study, work, and have some fun.

Question 2 (RG)
You work for Scivation a supplement company run by Marc Lobliner and one that is very respected as a company who practices what it preaches. How hard has it been to balance working long hours while still training so hard and maintaining a champion caliber physique?


DC: Honestly not hard at all. I have never viewed working out as a chore and actually look forward to hitting the gym. For me, my workouts have always been a time where I did not have to stress about anything. If I was mad when I entered the gym, by the time I left the gym I felt great. If I was stressed out due to studying I could put my headphones on, get into the zone and all that stress disappeared. I workout because I enjoy the challenge of pushing myself each and every workout and look forward to my time in the gym each day. Working for Scivation makes it easy to get all my workouts in because if I was missing workouts Marc would start ordering me to do them!

Question 3 (RG)
When was it that you realized that this was what you were passionate about and decided to follow your dream?

DC: I really got into bodybuilding when I was 16 years old. At that time I was doing self-study of exercise physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, and reading anything I could about weight training. I have always been intrigued with how the human body works and when I learned that you could study exercise science in college I knew that is what I wanted to study. Things worked out well for me because I started working part time for Scivation while I was still in college and would begin working full time for Scivation when I graduated college.

Question 4 (RG)
Now I'm sure like all other companies you guys have felt some effect from the economy being in the tank. Yet I've seen you reaching out to thousands of people online in the forums, founding ideas like Team Scivation. You seem to understand the need to expand your business through social networking online and creating a real connection with your customers. Has this had a positive effect on your business?


DC: Our number one goal at Scivation is to help our consumers reach their goals. As you know, nutritional supplements are only one piece of the fitness puzzle. So instead of simply offering consumers awesome supplements we also offer them free diet and training programs through Team Scivation. In addition anytime one of our consumers has an issue, we work to correct the issue as soon as possible. Scivation’s consumer service and what we give back to people separates us from other companies and the consumers respect this and support us.

Question 5 (RG)
Who is someone who has been a role model to you growing up and what was one important lesson they helped teach you?

DC: Growing up as a kid my older sister was an academic role model for me. She always got straight A’s and was the Valedictorian of her high school class. She showed me the importance of taking school seriously and doing well. I followed her lead and graduated high school as the Valedictorian of my class with a 4.0 career grade point average (Yes I was a bit of a nerd, but I was a cool nerd!). I was able to get in my first choice college and study exercise science.

Question 6 (RG)
Any Shows in the near future for you?


DC: As of right now I am not sure. I have been battling a lower back injury for three years now, which has hindered my progress. My lower back is finally getting to the point where it is not an issue, but I still have to be very careful during my workouts and prioritize stretching to stay injury free. I do not feel like I am at my best right now and really would like a SOLID year of injury free training before I compete again. On the other hand I have not done a contest prep in a long time and kind of have the urge to get shredded. When I make up my mind I will let you know.

Question 7 (RG)
Could you take Lando in a fight?


DC: We actually have a company cage fighting championship set up for later this year, so I guess we will wait and see!

This company cage match could get pretty ugly, these guys are huge!

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