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The End of Entitlement- Generation Why?

By- Rick A. Griffith

As I sit here tonight at my Malaysian made Walmart desk, typing away to try and convey my abstract rambling into a clear an defined message, I'm coming to the realization that what I say doesn't really have any significant impact.

Sure I might have a few atta boys thrown my way or catch the eye of another lonely soul in the blogosphere, but the real truth is that my reach is unable to extend beyond the limits of my friends, family and random facebook additions who may or may not actually be hookers.

It is not my wish to bore you with negativity and narcissism this evening however, sorry this Bud may be for you, but this post is for me.

My objective in my cyberranting tonight is to explore my own beliefs, possibly make some of you consider your own and inevitably alienate the rest of you.

That's ok with me.

Isn't it one hell of an odd time in the world? I mean what the hell have things really come too? No longer can we drive expensive 8 cylinder gas guzzlers, while cruising to the mall to by a new outfit for our gold digging significant other.

Gone are the days when we could simply forgo the workday to start drinking Irish coffees around 11 before transitioning into a mix of potato skins and Guinness at a local pub. And don't even get me started on vacations. I mean in 06 we used to actually be able to take a civilized vacation to some sun-drenched location and run up 4 thousand dollar bar tabs at the hotel without have to go through the pesky process of the dreaded ATM balance inquiry.

What has this country come too? We can't even pull out our home equity lines of credit because for some reason now the banks think that real estate won't appreciate in value, when clearly Ben Bernake told us it can never possibly go down. What is the damn banks problem anyway, I mean I have a lifestyle to pay for.

Anyways, whatever, some people just don't get it. At least myself and all the other Generation nexters have the awesome public education system that has prepared us for all aspects of our lives. God forbid if we do need more education, that's no big deal, the government will finance it with nothing more than a signature. Never mind that big imaginary debt that comes with your fancy piece of paper, after all we live in the greatest, freeist country on earth where jobs are plentiful. Plus my Econ teacher told me, debt is a good thing, it makes us all richer, whewwwww, I'm set.

And what are all these naysayers talking about anyway, how could our money possibly ever lose its value? So what if the Chinese, Germans, Saudi's and Japanese want their money back, didn't they learn anything from the mortgage disaster? It wasn't our fault we borrowed all that money, they lent it to us right? The must just be predatory lenders.

Who needs discipline, responsibility, production, savings in the bank and actual money when we can have frivolousness, consumption, credit lines and Uncle Ben's press?

Truthfully it isn't bitterness or regret driving my sarcastic and vividly descriptive rant this evening, but the realization that what we are, what I am, is more evil and unappetizing than it even sounds in this description. We are a mislead generation, a nation of douche bags on auto pilot.

Yes I just said that.

The only hope for us is beginning to understand our flaws, our baggage and our solution. Realizing that as disgusting, as utterly atrocious as our behavior has been, as addicted as we we're to this foolishness, we can still commit ourselves to a self rehabilitation course and become something better.

Sure it wasn't our fault, it was just what we knew, what we had grown up with. But just because ones parents are alcoholics, drug addicts or wife beaters, doesn't make it ok to repeat the same mistakes.

This might be too deep for you, you might like it when I write about travel, philosophy or getting laid, but unfortunately it is unnecessary. Truth no longer can escape my fingertips this evening.

The real message is that we are the entitlement generation and as wonderful as that sounds it comes fully equipt with the burden of ignorance. We are preprogrammed to fail mightily in the coming depression. The sooner we wake up the better.

Fear not, this wake up call is the only medicine to cure our illness. we will survive, we will prevail. We aren't inherently evil or fatally flawed. We will lead our country back to relevance one day, through discipline, responsibility, savings and production.

Until then we'll trade our hummers to our Chinese friends for their bicycles and find our entrepreneurial spirit once again. Who's down to start a pizzeria in Hong Kong?

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