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2011 Is The Official Turning Point

I felt compelled this evening to get on the blog and let my thoughts run a little on just what is in store for 2011.




This isn't a plain Jane new years resolutions post where I outline everything that I plan on doing in the new year, I'll let your read every other blog in the world to find that post.  In absence of a top 10 list this first morning of the new year I'm going to take you on a journey and show you why 2011 will be the turning point that I've been searching for ever since starting the site over a 14 months ago.



From Then To Now

I cannot possibly relive all my memories over the past year of my life in this post. While I could tell you stories of women, wine and world travel, the truth is you can find them elsewhere on this site. I've learned more this year than in any years past. Traveling, struggling, maturing and growing from every experience. It has been up and down for sure and yet I easily can say it has been the best year of my life.

If I had a gun to my head what are the most memorable moments for 2010?

  1. Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina - From February to early April I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While friends and family have no idea how I could have been away so long, the truth is I feel that I barely even scratched the surface. I miss the sights, smells and friends in the city. Hamburguesas at 5 am, Beer at noon and Pub crawls in the evening were amazing and memories I will never forget. But even more than that, the little things you miss the most. The slow pace of the city, the street vendors who I'd pass on my walk to the gym each day and even the boom of the bass drums during the street protests. It is unique, something that you cannot replicate, something you just hope is still there when you return.
  2. Losing a total of 71 lbs to date- This is something I've battled for a long time and while I've come along way I feel like I am about to turn another crucial corner in finally attaining the physique I desire and I know is hiding under my years of indulgence. 2011 is definitely the year that this aspect of my life changes forever, mark my word on this!
  3. Being poor, broke and car less post trip- The trip of a lifetime took its toll on my wallet. While I wouldn't do anything different in retrospect, as my trip went amazing, I know how to be completely preparred next time not only for the trip but for the damage control post trip. Going from an awesome lifestyle to a horrible one overnight is not fun. Thanks to my big bro and my friends and family for helping me pull through the hard times I love you guys.
  4. Failing- I started so many things on 2010 that I did not finish or succeed in. That being said I have no regrets. Some ideas which sound great, turn out to be simply not smart to continue in pursuit of. I commend myself for taking failure upfront and not prolonging the agony of running things into the ground that cannot succeed. Sometimes the best way to succeed with your muse, is to simply find a new one. I have, I've moved on and I've reached profitability in a new venture and an old one, Real Estate.
  5. Moving from Seattle to Scottsdale- It seemed impulsive right? I mean who doesn't want to leave Seattle right before Summer ends and head to the place where its always summer? I have to say it was an amazing decision I'd make 10 times over. While this holiday season away from family was tough, the end result of moving here and building a sustainable business and lifestyle that allows me to travel is something that I couldn't make happen back home. Like Drake in 07, I'm closer to my dreams and you can bet your ass I'll be on top soon.

From Here Forward

Where to now? Shiiiiiiiiittttttt, you know I'm gonna be doing the same old thing.

Here's the difference. I am in the process of doing some great, life-changing things.

  1. Building a business that allows me to work remotely from anywhere in the world. (already profitable)
  2. Losing 65 more lbs by May. Mark it down, trust me...
  3. Becoming a better swimmer (lots of reasons, mostly because I suck at it)
  4. Leaving for at least 2 months while running my business remotely
  5. Wiping out all debt (everything)

I have other smaller goals like getting stronger, buying a car etc... But as you can see things are officially on the rise.


In August I will be starting my adventures back up traveling in Europe including a trip to Italy for sure and then on to either Greece, Germany or the Netherlands.

I lived pretty good last year for sure, but there is no doubt this coming year is mine and I'm gonna Live Bueno as fuck. Happy New Year!


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