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Getting Ripped with Rick

I want you... To join me on this voyage, read below!

 Not there yet but you can see that V shape coming in

 So let's cut to the chase, my name is Rick and I'm 23 years of age and currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm starting a daily program here for anyone who wants to join me for the ride and get in the best shape of their lives.

Why listen to me?

Well for starters I don't have natural 6 pack abs, a super fast metabolism or awesome genetics. I didn't just say "Hey I look good with my shirt off, lets throw some diet advice out there."

No the truth is I have battled weight issues my entire life and I am familiar with the frustrations that come with being overweight and trying to lose weight. I know what works and what doesn't based on massive amounts of trial and error as well as tireless research.

Proof? Here's the old me, the old lifestyle with Jum at the Diamond Knot in Muk-Town. Notice the double chin, man boobs, distance I had to sit away from the table because of my belly.

This = miserable


Believe me now, ok... lets continue.

I am also an American Fitness Institute certified personal trainer and have trained many different types of people ranging from middle aged women to colligate athletes.

What is Getting Ripped with Rick about?

Here's the deal, I'm no doctor or nutritionist, before starting any program please consult a doctor. Ok now that that is out of the way, I am trying to get in the best shape of my life and compete in my first Natural Bodybuilding competition in August. This is going to be quite a tall order since I still am looking to lose an additional 65-75 more lbs by then, not easy to say the least.

What I want to do is create a daily program here that you can follow along with and see your own amazing results. I know this will work because I have already lost 70lbs using these same methods and now I'm upping the ante.

I will be posting daily updates including all my workouts, diet information and helpful tips and tricks. Anyone who would like a personalized diet plan and workout routine can send me a message and I will put one together for you free of charge. You really have nothing to lose, well except those love handles.

Also included will be Video's displaying how to grocery shop, workouts dispalaying proper form on excercises, mindset and motivation updates and tips and tricks that will help send your progress over the top.

I will be there every step of the way losing weight, practicing what I preach and inspiring you to reach your own fitness goals.

Why is this free?

Because, I like free stuff and I know that to get anything in life, you need to give something. I want people to see and recognize what I am doing and get my name out there, so for now everything is 100 percent free. Unlimited contact with me, giving advice on anything that may arise. If I don't know the answer you can be assured that I will find it.

What am I asking of you?

March 1st to August 1st you follow this routine and I guarantee you will be in the best shape of your life, or you money back, which is nothing since this is free. But seriously, 5 months to the best you. You will be asked to take a before picture and and after picture, that's all. If you'd like, we can feature your journey and all your progress on the site, if not then we won't your call.

What do I get?

Satisfaction, hopefully a few good testimonials and my best damn physique ever. I'm losing 70 more LBS in the next 5 months, the only question is if you are going to join me.

To join or if you have questions about joining send me an e-mail right now at RickAGriffith@hotmail.com or simply comment on this post or the form submission and leave you e-mail. I will send all the details and we will get your plan to you ASAP.

Seriously do it now...

 Follow my progress, just click on the Getting Ripped with Rick link to the left of your screen!

Day 1- Get Ripped Challenge

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