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Day 1- Get Ripped Challenge

For those of you who haven’t received their diets yet you can follow my diet I started today until you receive your copy, which should be very soon. I’m working hard and will get them to you ASAP.

Day One
Today is Sunday my off day from the gym. I just tool it easy, didn’t even leave the house actually. I’m all rested up and ready to go for next week which is the important thing.

Meal 1 Strawberry Yogurt/Whey Protein in water
Meal 2 3 egg Omelet (2 whites only) w Ham
Meal 3 Strawberry yogurt/Whey Protein in water
Meal 4 Lean beef patty with broccoli cooked in olive oil w mozzerlla cheese
Meal 5 Peanuts/Whey

here's a pic of dinner!

Woke up late missed breakfast but decided not to make up for the missed meal. Damn I was tired from this week of lifting.


I feel pretty good today but I need to go grocery shopping so I can have more of a variety of protein sources. I can’t wait to hit the gym this week it’s on tomorrow. I came in way low on calories so I am amending my plan tomorrow to include more good fats using peanuts.. I prefer almonds but when in Argentina…

Tomorrows workout  is Chest and Cardio

Here are some videos showing proper form for the excercises tomorrow

Also for those following along who haven’t contacted me don’t worry it’s ok to want to be anonymous. However it will be much more effective if you choose to send in the weekly updates and progress reports as they will help me customize your program. If you’d like your own copy of the program, just e-mail me at Rickchise23@gmail.com´╗┐

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