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25 things to do before I turn 25

Last year on this day I went with my good friend Ryan Mizer to Dave’s BBQ in Everett,WA and we ate a disgusting amount of food. The meal was made to serve 4-6, or in our case 2 very determined individuals. Here’s a link to the old blog so you can read on about the gluttony if your inclined. This meal came out on a trash can lid, absolutely ridiculous, glad I can say we conquered it though

This experience actually helped me mentally prepare for losing 70 lbs over the next year. I guess sometimes you just need one last hurrah for your mindset when going on a long term nutrition plan, although I can't say I'd recommend doing something like this to anyone.

To say the least this year flew by, but was not wasted. I've accomplished so much and am looking forward to many more accomplishments before I turn 25. This brings up another post from last year where I made a list of 25 things to do before I turn 25, which you can check out here. I've accomplish many of these things, if not completely at least pretty much so, but a year is a long time and priorities change. That being said, It seems like it's time for a new 25 before 25, so here you go!

1 year to go dang...

Photo from http://www.skydive-dc.com/

1. Skydiving- Yep I gotta do it. My biggest fear is heights and this needs to be conquered in majestic fashion. I'm planning on looking into doing this in the summer time.

Photo Source- http://www.guitar-stuff.net/images/john-mayer-1.jpg

2. Learn to Play the Guitar- I've been wanting to learn this for a long time and upon returning to the US I will be looking to start learning right away. I'm not trying to start a band, I just want to be able to play the songs I like and do it well. Who knows maybe I can get a job playing country songs in a bar in the midwest when I'm retired.

3. Compete in a Natural Bodybuilding Contest- I have been building toward this for sometime. If I compete this year I likely won't win as I'll have to get super lean without having time to clean bulk and get some size. Oh well, I will compete in the next year regardless, I'm getting closer.

4. Keep improving my Spanish skills- I really want to become fluent. Living in Argentina has given me a nice base to start with and i want to keep building on this with daily practice. I have to say the complete immersion has helped  a lot, but I do wish I would have come down with a little more practice under my belt. That being said, it has made or quite the experience.

5. Keep Improving my writing- I love to write and I'm hoping I will be able to keep getting better. I've written more in the past 3 months than I have in my entire life. Building this website has taken a whole lot of time, but it it is a project that has enriched my life and enabled me to meet some amazing people. I'm excited for the prospects for LivingBueno in the coming year, which leads me to...

6. Double my site traffic over the next 3 month- The site is getting a lot of traffic and it is great. I feel like I send a positive message than should be heard by as many young people s possible. Along with many new changes to the site, I'm going to be reaching out much more to other bloggers, readers and entrepreneurs. Stay Tuned!

7. Run a half marathon- I was prepping and getting ready to do this in January and plans changed and I left for Buenos Aires 2 weeks earlier than planned. I hear there is one in Seattle in the summer which might work so we'll see!

Photo Source-http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2009/0314/mma_couture_gonzaga1_576.jpg

8. Learn MMA- I'm very eager to do some MMA training I'm not sure how all of these tasks will come together as bodybuilding doesn't mesh very well with MMA training and Marathon training. I think I'll put the MMA and marathon training together since I'm limited by time.

9. Improve and strengthen important relationships- This is a huge priority of mine this year. I tend to sometimes keep to myself too much focusing on my busy life and not paying enough attention to the people who enrich my life. Over the next year I clearly want to accomplish a lot and yet slowing down and enjoying others company is a must. I'm planning 2-3 hours a few nights a week to dedicate to building stronger relationships.

10. Bench Press 315 LBS- Something I've wanted for a long time, not really for bragging rights, just because it's something I haven't been able to do, that I want to conquer. Simple as that.

11. Be able to do 25 Wide grip Pull ups- This was something I used to be great at that I want to improve in exponentially this year. Clearly losing weight will make this much more attainable.

12. Help others get into great shape- I would really like to not only improve my own physique but also assist others in doing so. I have built a wealth of knowledge over the years and I might as well be of help to others. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get from seeing your body transform before your eyes. If that is something I can help someone else realize, I'd be very proud to do so. This is why I started the Get Ripped Challenge.

13. Help my mom work less and slow down- My mom is probably the hardest working person I know. She doesn't know how to say no to helping people which makes for a busy schedule. I hope to help relieve some of her stress over the next year and help her run her businesses more efficiently giving her sometime to take a vacation and relax, she deserves it if anyone does!

14. Go on 10 hikes with my dad- I just got into hiking last year and I love it. Also a great way to help me lose weight quickly. Hiking in the summertime in the Pacific northwest is absolutely amazing and has given me a new perspective on the area. I look forward to the conversations and the exhaustion that I'll find spending weekends on the trail!

15. Travel through Arizona- I love Arizona with a passion. I have visited Scottsdale/Phoenix and driven to Vegas from there, but I want to do more exploring in areas like Tucson and Sedona. Of course I will also be ready to enjoy the days by the pool with Mai Tai's and the unbelievable night life that the Scottsdale lifestyle offers. I'm thinking by next winter I'll be ready for another voyage!


Mendoza is beautiful!

16. Tour West Coast wine regions- I had the opportunity to tour the Mendoza wine region and absolutely fell in love. Mendoza is defiantly one of my favorite places on earth. Now I figure I might as well peak into the wine regions closer to home to see if they are just as awesome.

17. Go Surfing- Really want to learn how to surf . Probably won't have time to get lessons and move to Cali this year I'm guessing, however I'd be content with paddling around the ocean dodging waves. Looks like a whole hell of a lot of fun and I'm in good enough shape to get out there and try it. In related news...

18. Improve my swimming ability- I can swim, yes. But I want to be good at swimming. I would really like to do some open water swimming eventually, but for now I think I'll be content to just improve my form and get into a routine of swimming more often.

19. Start riding a bike- After my bikes and wine tour in Mendoza I decided that riding bikes is pretty awesome. This summer I plan to do so along the Lake Washington on Burke-Gilman trail. Great way to get exercise and the scenery there is beautiful. Big houses on the water have always been a favorite of mine. If there were a "Big houses on the water" fan page on facebook, I would be a fan.

20. Vegas- I just want to go there with the guys and enjoy the city as a single man. Not because I want to go to strip clubs, just because it is different than going with a girlfriend, which has been the problem before. I'm hoping to celebrate next years birthday in Vegas. Not a bad way to turn 25 huh?


21. Explore Portland- I want to take a weekend trip to Portland and find a friendly local to show me around the city. I've heard there is an amazing doughnut shop and a huge bookstore, but what else can I see? It's time I see the hidden gems in Portland.

22. Keep in touch with the great people I've met in my travels- It always sounds like an easy thing to do, but often times people get busy and lose touch. I've met some awesome people here and enjoyed some experiences I'll remember forever( unless I get Alzheimer's). I want to make it a priority to keep in touch and hopefully meet up down the road.

23. Change at least one persons life in a positive way- I'm not talking about simple encouragement. I'd like to actively play a role in helping someone else improve their life. I have relied on a lot of other people over the past year to help me through the tough times and I feel it's time to return the favor.

24. Start playing pick up basketball again- Growing up, I spent a whole lot of time at the YMCA playing pick up basketball. It's something that I love and that keeps me in great shape. I'm excited to get back into it and perhaps even join a league. I got post up moves for days.

I think I'm gonna like this sport


25. Go snow boarding- never been and have wanted too for a very long time. What better time to do something else active!. Who's coming with me?

So that's it, looks like I have an extremely busy and active year planned. So long to being 23, I'm ready to hit 24 running(perhaps literally).





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