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The Living Bueno.com slang dictionary

The Living Bueno.com slang dictionary

Thought I’d put together a list of some slang terms I may be throwing around for reference purposes. This list will be steadily growing so check back for updates. This will serve as my slang urban dictionary of sorts, helping the everyday person understand my craziness. After all when our president is giving daps to his wife, I think a little slang inserted into my posts is acceptable and adds some flavor. You know I'm all about keeping it real.

Here we go-

Yao Ming-(Yow-meng) You know what I mean

Yeee-(Yee-ee) an expression used in a positive event. no real definition its more of a sign of excitement.

Latro-(late-tro) A way of saying see you later bro

Brovatar-(Bro-Vatar) A friend of many years one has formed a brotherly bond with Copyright 2010 Ryan Doherty

A cohort or fellow member of a group of close friends

Shit Tickets-(Shit, Tick-its) Toilet Paper

She wooould -(shhee-Wooood) An expression amoing male friends describing a females desire to seduce him

Haaaaaaaaiiiiiii-(Haiiiii-eeeeee) An introductory call to attract attention´╗┐

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