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Your Story The Giveaway- Tell us your favorite story and win!

I decided that it's about time I give something to my readers who I love so dearly and that the time is now!

The Rules-

LivingBueno.com is a site founded on the idea that life doesn't have to suck. You can do what you love and be happy. You can travel the world before you are 80 years old and see amazing places, while learning important life lessons in the process. You don't have to waste your life in a cubicle and can instead build your own business around the things you really love in life,

And so...

We want your stories!

Send in your story of how you defied conventional wisdom, took a leap outside your comfort zone and enjoyed an amazing experience by doing so. Whether you started your own business, backpacked through Europe or went cliff jumping to conquer your fear of heights, we want to hear it!

We will choose the winners from the submissions and contact them in the coming weeks.

The winning stories will be posted on LivingBueno.com in an upcoming post, documenting just how awesome you are.

The Grand Prize winner will receive an advance copy of CEO of Zappos.com Tony Hsieh's new book entitled "Delivering Happiness". This book isn't even out in stores yet and won't be until June 7th, but we were sent two advance copies one to give away to our wonderful readers.(Thanks Tony). For more information on the book you can visit here,

The deadline for submissions is May 17th and winners will be chosen and contacted by May 18th. Don't miss this chance to share your story and win a great book before it even hits shelves!

Remember you can win simply by submitting a story and many times few people actually do so. If you submit anything at all , you got a good shot! Go do it now, I'm waiting...

Send submissions directly to me at RickAGriffith@hotmail.com

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