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Defining Risk- The danger in complacency

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I have received a lot of feedback from readers since starting this blog and have started to notice some similarities and common comments. I'd like to say thank you for even reading my blog, I'm honored that you care what I have to say.

Many times comments I read or things people say when they hear of my adventures in person sound something like the following:

  • "Wow, your so brave! I would love to do something like that."
  • "That sounds amazing, I wish I had the time to do that."
  • "Your so spontaneous Rick, want to sleep with me?"

Ok, well maybe I made the last one up...

The truth is however that nothing I've done is something I see as a major risk. While trans versing South America for 3 months or permanently moving to a new state on a whim may seem like a huge risk to many people, the truth is that I am not the true risk taker.

Who is?

Mr 9-5, I can't find time, won't change my perspective and I'll play it safe person, is perhaps the biggest risk taker of all.

Why you might ask?

While many people define themselves based on money or success, we here at LivingBueno live in a pursuit of happiness. We believe that we shouldn't save our happy days for when where old and grey, just because that's the default in the American culture. That our TIME represents a greater value than Money. That laziness and inactivity isn't the pot of gold at the end of a depressing rainbow, but rather enjoying new things, learning constantly and pursuing personal greatness while seeing the world are things we can do and strive toward EVERYDAY.

Cancer kills people, sometimes very quickly. Do you want to hit retirement at 62, having saved as much money your whole life as possible and die one day before that birthday?

I'm being dramatic, but my point is that the future isn't promised and we all have a variable expiration date. Why not live life on your terms now, doing the things that you enjoy.

The fact that I have recently moved to Arizona and I am now working 60+ hour weeks in real estate does NOT in anyway mean that I'm not doing what I want to do. I love looking at tons of homes each day and finding amazing deals, it makes me happier than most things on earth to be very honest.

If you are happy working yourself into the ground for those illusionary golden years, you my friend are the real risk taker. Social Security may not even be around by the time you "retire".

Living life the way it is meant to be lived is not a risk in my book. It is far from it. Don't trick yourself into believing that you aren't capable of anything you want to get out of this life. It's too damn short anyway, why doubt yourself and waste time.

Do what you love, love what you do, Live Bueno...


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