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Contemplating Life-changing Decisions

Lately I've been contemplating alot of life changing decisions in my personal life and  I thought I'd share some of the mindset that goes in to doing such a thing.  Somethings I always try to consider are the present term and long term implications of making such a decision.


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For example many times in life we will be presented with decisions that may make sense in the short term, but in the longer term or bigger picture are lacking something. Also many times it is easy for people to just keep doing the things they have always done and not consider the positive implications that change can bring.

So considering all these aspects there are really three main points that enable us to make decisions and then act on them. I always ask myself the following questions:

  • What is the worst possible thing that could result in saying yes to this opportunity?
  • What is the long term positive effect this decision could have on my life?
  • Is this something that is reasonably feasible or attainable?

Defining the worst possible outcome and then mentally putting yourself into that outcome helps immensely when considering opportunities. If you can live with the worst possible outcome (without being a paranoid hypochondriac of course) then you know that this might be possible.

Conversely, putting yourself into the best possible outcome that can result from such a situation can help you decide if making the leap is worth it or not. In all likelihood the outcome will lie somewhere in the middle, but simply identifying the possibilities helps you paint the boundaries and decide to move forward or stay put.

Finally it is necessary to decide if this is even possible. Is this just  a pipedream or something that is actually attainable. Being overly optimistic, I think and know many times that people discount their own abilities and make excuses just too avoid change, which can be an uncomfortable disruption of ones routine. However being realistic is also necessary in making such a decision.  For example, despite leaving for Buenos Aires at the wrong time in my life, I had the time of my life and learned priceless lessons on the road in South America. More on that here.

Once picking a desired direction the next step is putting this idea into action. This process is pretty simple and yet often times we neglect or put off doing the following essential leg work.

  • Make a detailed plan
  • Spring into Action and execute the plan
  • Follow through and stick with it

Making a detailed plan is essential. Keep in mind that things will never ever go exactly as planned, however having an outline of your objectives is a must whether your trying to building a home or moving to Fiji. This first step will put the wheels in motion and get you into the proper mindset to achieve your objective. When making your plan remember to be conservative, and do your homework. Get as much information from as many reputable sources as possible and suck it all up while making your plan.

That being said, you can read everything in the world and be an expert on the topic, but there is no substitute for action. When things are in place and your plan is ready, it is time to take ACTION. Making this leap once properly educated is often the hardest yet most important step in the process. This is what separates the dreamers from the doers. If your plan is sound, this step shouldn't be as hard as we all make it. Remember to not let fear get in the way, nothing worth doing is easy.

The final aspect of following through is essential. Why waste time create a plan becoming educated and taking this leap if you don't plan on keeping it going. It won't be easy and will likely suck sometimes. Nothing every works out perfectly. However if you are moving in the right direction things will work out fine and you will be rewarded for your persistence. This is just a general outline I use when considering opportunities or making tough decisions but it has served me well many times in the past. Whether your considering a new business venture or a new line of work, applying these concepts will surely be of service to you, I know they've done wonders in my own life.

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