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To New Beginnings and Happy Endings


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"Isn't it amazing how things seem to fall into place when you are working in the direction of your dreams?" I asked. My mom shot a sarcastic, but knowing grin back at me "ya, ya I know'' She replied shaking her head.

I was paraphrasing a quote I use often from The Alchemist by Pablo Coelho which says;

"When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream."

Close enough I figured.

Since returning from a 3 month trip to South America, I'd spent the following 3 months mercilessly trying to convince my mom to make some much needed changes in her personal and professional life. It wasn't because I thought I was smarter, I had just seen a new way of life and wanted to help the one person who has done more for me than anyone else if I could.

I would try to implement many of the ideas I'd learned from The 4 hour Workweek By Tim Ferriss and give her the tools nessesary to better manage time and run things smoother. That was the plan anyway...


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About a week into this experiment I realized I had quite the task in front of myself. My mother was working 60 plus hour weeks and the tips and ideas I had tried to engrain in her everyday activities seemed to be only aggravating her further.

I'd hear a myriad of things such as:

"It's not that Simple Rick.", "You think your so damn smart", or my personal favorite "Why don't you get a job and then give me advice"

3 months later we've learned that, It was that easy, I'm kinda smart and I got myself a fulfilling job. So what gives?

After countless arguments followed by wine nights where we'd reconcile and try and meet in the middle, it became clear that we simply needed to call a truce and try and move forward. It just so happened that we had been tossing the idea of taking a short trip to Arizona and checking it out as a possible place to live and work.

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After 2 more weeks of her stubbornness and my nagging, we were on the road to better weather for a week in the sun. One week turned into three and what transpired in the process was amazing.

My moms business which she had been bottlenecking and trying to micro manage was forced to run more efficiently without her being around. She ran the business remotely and had orders shipped directly to the customers. Not only did the overall efficiency improve, but clients were getting their orders quicker and writing to thank her for her amazing service.

She began to realize that many of the things she'd been doing back in Seattle had actually been impeding her from being productive and taking away all her free time in the process.

The long days of running 2 businesses and never feeling caught up were replaced with pool side conversations of why we hadn't done this earlier. I could only smile and say I have no idea.

Most importantly of all, she was a different person. The rushed and worried mindset had disappeared to reveal a happy, carefree attitude. Work wasn't a chore but a hobby to fit in between lunch and happy hour.

She was back to being the great mom, successful entrepreneur and go getter that we all know so well. I have to say I don't know too many people more driven than my mother.A few subtle tweaks, I helped with would be paying off for years to come. I'd accomplished one of my goals I'd set upon leaving Buenos Aires and returning to the US, to help simplify my moms hectic life and business.

What's next?

We decided a change was in order in both of our lives and that we love the Scottsdale area. We have both completed our classes to get our Arizona Real Estate licenses and will be making the move down to the valley permanently in less than a week.


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And so as the title of this article goes, which happens to be my favorite toast, To New Beginnings and Happy Endings. A new chapter of my Life begins!


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