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How you livin Rick Gritz?


An unrelated photo of a street artist work in Buenos Aires, He was definetly on drugs which makes this even more impressive.

It's been a while since I've put up anything of substance on the blog here. My bad.

In the past month I've moved to Scottsdale, AZ which has been quite an experience. I had initially planned on buying a house here (through Owner Financing) but that never came together. My mom made the move down here with me and for the time being we are renting a very nice apartment in N. Scottsdale. After 6 years out on my own, moving back in with a relative takes a bit of getting used too to say the least. But all in all it has gone well. It is nice to have someone here I know and it makes things easier. A move to Tempe and my own place is soon coming, thank the lord.

A technicality that arose has stalled my career for the moment. A new law put into place just days before I passed my Real Estate exam, made it so that we now must wait 5-8 weeks to get our fingerprint verification forms back and begin working. Quite frustrating, but I guess I have time to learn the area now before jumping into work.

In a recent update I mentioned the rebirth of the LiveFit section. Then yesterday I strained my back and have been in bed since (not good). Needless to say this will be delayed a week or so, but rest assured it is coming and I'm making some remarkable progress, even working through this injury.

Lastly, I'd like to say that I feel sometimes what I write on here gets misconstrued and twisted around. My intention when writing advice or speaking my mind isn't to act like I'm the shit and never have done wrong.  The truth is I've made more mistakes than pretty much anyone I know and I'm trying to draw on these mistakes to grow and move forward.  For now, I guess it's just do as I say not as I do. I know I will make it and be immensly successful, I'm too persistant and talented not too. Until that day I will continue to speak my mind on here like it or not. Love it or hate it, it's part of this story and needs to be told...

Saturday Night Shakedown- Scott Mescudi

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