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Do you remember them St. Lunatics?

I just got home and it's 4:40 AM.


I was cruising down Scottsdale Rd this morning, windows down, temp still in the 70's just letting my mind wander as the air hit my face. In the background I heard a familiar voice from the past on the radio when this song came on...

You ever hear a song that brings you back in time? My mind wandered to my high school days when I was just a punk freshman with a cool older brother who had a suped up Honda Civic that he added a nice sound system too. (These were the Fast and the Furious days when everyone was suping up imports) I thought back to me and Steve cruising around the small town of Mukilteo, WA with the windows down in the middle of winter, coats on, bumping Nelly-EI for everyone to hear.

Damn time flies. We had no jobs, lived with our parents and were just average High school kids, but we were happy as hell with nothing more than a tank of gas and some bumps in the trunk.

Nowadays, things are harder and its seems that many of us try and create happiness based on our success in our occupations or the new car purchase we just made. For me, I'd be happier with a suped up civic and a full tank with my bro cruising with me. Maybe this time we could cruise here in AZ where having the windows down actually makes sense.

When your lying on your deathbed, that shiny Benz, New Condo, priomotion at work doesn't mean much. The times you spent with the ones you love is what you will remember. Don't forget that while pursuing success is great, tomorrow isn't promised. Take the time to spend with your loved ones and don't just make it a chore, this shit doesn't last forever...



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