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Live Fit days 1 & 2 Update

Photo Credit- Darwin Bell

So I’m back on it again, trying to achieve some amazing results in getting into shape before Christmas. 101 days to get into the best shape of my life. I have to say that the first two days have gone great and I’m extremely motivated to make this happen. The good news is I’ve been getting in 2 hours of cardio a day and gradually increasing the weights I’m using in the gym and have had no problems with my lower back, which I tweaked a few weeks back.

It is hard sometimes being spot on, on a diet plan, but so far I’ve stayed perfect.  A low carb high protein and moderate fat diet is perfect for me. As long as I have meat and some hot sauce, I’m good to go.

The workouts have been good the last few days, I’ve structured them as follows:

1 muscle group (except legs which I do all together) per day 4 exercises per muscle group

Sets of 12,10,8, and 6-8 to failure

It’s really a pretty basic routine but my goal isn’t to get huge. I’m just trying to maintain my muscle mass while I burn the calories lifting and cut down into better shape.

So far it’s been easy to get a lot of water in and I’m currently drinking 1.5 to 2 gals per day, which really seems to be speeding up my weight loss.

I’m definitely looking forward to weighing in on Wednesday and posting my results on here. I’ve already lost weight, but I’ll wait until next Wednesday to dish on that. Stay tuned!

Live Fit Week One

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