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The Art of Hustle- My Turn The Phoenix Edition

The Art of Hustle- My Turn The Phoenix Edition


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I am smart. This has long been my weakness in life.

I am not telling you this to stroke my ego or to try and convince you of this fact. The truth is I never had better than a 3.4 GPA in all of my years of schooling. Instead I found ways to make life easy and avoid doing as much leg work as possible.

I remember in middle school I was the TA for our health class during 4th period. I also had this same health class during 3rd period. I distinctly remember not doing one homework assignment and instead guessing answers, copying from others minutes before the bell and when I had the opportunity, stealing the answers for the tests I made copies of and memorizing these answers instead of studying.

I remember at the end of the quarter my grade was a 78% and I wasn't trying to catch hell from my parents for getting a C. B's were ok, A's were great, but C's were a disappointment.

To avoid having to deal with my parents and have a conversation about what I wanted with my future, I remembered that the excell spreadsheet where I input the grades only showed two decimal points. Even if I entered 7.3 on an assignment it would show up as just 7 once the box wasn't highlighted.

I didn't want to get caught cheating, that would be worse than a C. Instead I added a .9 to every one of my assignments so that if the teacher did a quick check of the records, I wouldn't raise any red flags. I ended up with an 85% in the class and upon arriving home avoided any disappointment from my parents. If they only knew...

The Facts

On A Boat.jpg

(I even got a boat)

I started Living Bueno two years ago as a way of documenting my stories, travels and adventures. I felt that I could be an inspiration to people like myself who were young, motivated and looking for something more from life. I preach the message of living an unconventional lifestyle and valuing your happiness, health and quality of life above all else. In doing so I created quite a movement. Here are some accomplishments I am quite proud of.

  • In the past six months the site has seen over 750,000 Page Views and around 500,000 Unique visitors. Knowing that my reach has expanded to these levels is truly humbling.
  • In the past two years I've traveled for over 6 months through the US, Europe and South America, seing some amazing places, learning valuable lessons and meeting some truly great people along the way. 
  • In the past two years I have valued my health above all else and have lost over 100 Lbs, transforming the way I look and feel and becoming much healthier.
  • Most importantly I have received a massive number of e-mails and blog comments from followers telling me that I have in some way inspired them or asking for assistance in their pursuits. This last fact means more to me than anything and knowing that I am making a difference and encouraging people to live a better life, get out there and see the world, creates more joy in my life than nearly anything else.

What's Next - The New Hustle

Since returning to the US I have written a few different posts on various topics. The Art of Hustle is by far my favorite post, which documents the time I spent in New York with my friend Gary Misner. I remember when I was in Brooklyn driving around delivering laundry with Gary and I had a certain feeling that all things were possible and that I had randomly stumbled to the streets of Brooklyn for a reason.

I mentioned after the article that I would soon clue you all in on what my new venture was, but it has taken some time to develop. After all, I just got permanently situated here in North Phoenix in the past two weeks and before that was in Seattle spending time with my family for a few months.

Now however, is the time and I have a tremendous oppotunity that has been laid out in front of me. The muse I am talking about is within an industry which is quite familiar to me. In fact from the time I was 18 years old, I began a career in real estate.

By the age of 21 I owned two condos and had a six figure bank account, albeit very briefly. The crash of the housing market is something that I am eternally grateful for however, as it sent me down this road of self discovery.

Now I am getting back into real estate, though not in the same way. You see making money these days as a real estate sales agent is an amazingly hard gig with massive competition and a very small market of people who can actually purchase homes.

Instead I am directing my efforts toward the property management and maintenance market, in which I see tremendous potential in. This is a marketplace that needs new blood, new ideas and innovative ways to solve problems. I was in a meeting today where a large group of property managers sat and discussed the business in an open forum. Of the 20 or so property managers, many of them managing over 50 properties, I was the youngest person in the room. By about 20 years.


Photo Credit - rileyroxx

Nearly everyone was 55 or older and this is not me taking a shot at older professionals, however this is a market that could hugely benefit from utilizing technology, and by implementing some innovative ideas that change the way business is done. I will be there as this industry grows into the future while many of the current catekeepers will be long gone.

In fact, a large portion of the properties managed by these individuals have tenants in place who are below the age of 40, many of who we can assume are at least mildly tech savvy. Here I spot a disconnect in the marketplace and a massive opportunity.

I have a position that I have just accepted to start my own company to handle maintenance issues and join a property management team in charge of over 80 properties. I will be building the maintenance business as my own enterprise (possibly with a partner hint hint) and hopefully revolutionizing the way this tired industry is run by bringing in top talent, great ideas and a whole lot of hustle.

The market here is massive, I am an experienced professional in the industry and have the opportunity to build a business from the ground up to the specification I see fit.

This venture is absolutely perfect and the fact that it is already generating revenue as of November 1st, gives me the ability to drive forward and build this business as large or small as I see fit.

What we all need it seems is a formidable challenge. An opportunity where miraculously things align themselves so that an age old problem can be solved and in doing so a successful company can come to prominence built on blood, sweat, tears and endless hustle.

In closing, I am hitting this with all I have and will keep you updated on my progress. As big developments are possibly in the works, but for now I will bit my tounge.

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