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Why Right Now is the Time to Hustle Your Ass Off

Why Right Now is the Time to Hustle Your Ass Off

Me N Gary V


“Stop Crying and Start Hustling, Hustle is the most important word ever.” - Gary Vaynerchuk Web 2.0 Keynote 2008

I see things every day that make bother the hell out of me. Whether it is Facebook status complainers, helpless comments about the way our once extravagant lifestyles are diminishing or sulking about the inept policies coming out of Washington, this daily dose of negativity is so damn overblown.

It isn’t that I don’t understand the frustration. In fact, we all are guilty of these sorts of comments, and I even occasionally blog about this sort of thing and how it may affect all of us.

The problem is that instead of doing anything about these issues, many of us sit idly by and instead become overwhelmed with the negativity. The victim mentality that is spreading like wildfire is absolutely dumbfounding to me. The biggest successes in this world have been started from scratch in dire economic conditions, and yet instead of innovating and capitalizing on the massive opportunity that comes in a depression, we do nothing but bitch and moan about the shitty cards we were dealt.  

Here is your wakeup call… Nothing worth building is easy.

 The way that we live our lives today is stunningly different from ten years ago. This change has brought on massive opportunity and you had better capitalize on it now, or someone else will.

It has never been easier to reach a massive audience to promote your brand virtually free of charge. The way that we are able to connect today with people all over the world within seconds is something that has never before been possible. A $10,000 marketing budget that immediately puts your startup company in debt is no longer necessary. Instead your can literally hustle your way to brand recognition. To do so however your must be completely transparent, and more than anything, care deeply about your customers.

The area where I see massive opportunity and where I am in fact starting my own business, is in the customer service sector. It has never been easier for small businesses to win out over large corporations than it is today.

Forming a real connection with your customers and actually caring about them is the name of the game. This is the new age of branding and it is going to be very difficult for the big boys to beat out small businesses when caring is the name of the game.

Whatever your idea is, whichever journey you choose to embark on, I like your chances if you love people and truly care about their needs and solving their problems efficiently.


Photo Credit - Dave Morrow

Think about these facts

  • Small Businesses cannot get loans right now
  • Everyone’s credit is shit
  • There are a massive number of businesses right now that are failing.
  • Many industries are stuck in the past, not up to speed with the way the world is changing.
  • Many companies are enforcing fees, penalties, and scrapping to get as much revenue as possible to make up for their poor decisions. (i.e. Bank of America anyone?)

Can I get a hell yea?

This is amazing news for the entrepreneur who has a small budget, big ideas and a whole lot of hustle. 

All these problems really are when you strip them down are:

  1. You must now make better decisions and not go into debt that burdens your company’s growth.
  2. You must generate real revenue before expanding your business too quickly
  3. The competition is getting weak and dying out, creating massive opportunity
  4. It has never been easier to change the way business is done within an industry by making things seamless and automated through the use of the amazing technology available today.
  5. The market is wide open for companies who care about their clientele and realize that sticking it to their customers doesn’t constitute as good customer service, or is even feasible as a long term business plan.

Remember Four Things Before You Get Started

  1. An idea is not a business. If it is not generating revenue, it is simply an idea. Find a way to monetize this idea in the meantime before ever putting any money into your ideas.
  2. Find an industry that is poised to succeed during tough economic times. Selling Hummer’s may not be the best gig right now. Find a way to start a business in an industry that generates revenue even in tough times.
  3. You do not have to be in love with the tough, grunt work that may be involved in your business. This can be delegated later and trust me we have more than enough folks now and in the coming years looking for employment.
  4. You MUST kill every competitor in your industry in customer service. Enough said.

It’s Now or Never

Here is my position. The past few years I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the world, you can read a whole lot about that in nearly every other post on this blog.

But this is not merely a travel blog. In fact I see it as more of a lifestyle blog, attempting to encourage people to live a better life, take advantage of opportunities and build a life worthy of living.

Right now it the time to buckle down and focus on the basics. As much as I love to travel around the world, learn new things and discover amazing cultures, there comes a time when we all need to simply settle down and grind.

The tough times, blood, sweat and tears are what make travel such an exciting endeavor in the first place.

I have started a business here in Phoenix and things are already taking off based on the principals I’ve mentioned in this post. The truth is that it really does not take much to be successful in business. Spot an opportunity or problem, provide a solution, service your customers like no one else and grind and hustle your ass off. That’s it.

Stop complaining and go get your money…

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