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Turning 25- What we realize as we get olde

Turning 25- What we realize as we get olde


Photo Credit- PeaSap

By- Rick A. Griffith

It seems that with age comes wisdom, or at least that is the myth. We all know that when we get too old we just go crazy. At some point before then, before we start to fade into senile amnesia patients, we find the answers. Lifes answers that is, or at least our own private version of them.

We justify our mistakes, regret only things we did not do and see a clear picture of our lives and what we did and did not do with the time we had.

Each year we gain a new perspective of our own lives as our journey changes and our experiences widen. With this turning of the clock, feelings of regret, reflection, worry and change enter our minds.

They say not to  live in the past. "The past does not equal the future" famed motivator Tony Robbins tells us. However, it is hard not to look back during this  time of year to attempt to determine just what the hell you have done this year and where these actions are leading you.

Do we really become wiser, Or just more comfortable with mediocrity?

It seems like things are going along great and then one day you start to realize that you are going to die someday, you are not that young anymore, and you are not where you thought you would be by this point in your life. Whether you are single, not in your dream home  or just adjusting to how different of a reality that your real life is from what you envisioned in your younger days.

All we can  do is reflect, then forget and keep moving. Numb to the past, brick by brick, you have to keep trying to build your castles in the sky. What else is there to live for?

As we get older those ideals change completely, we realize that the only things that actually matter are the people we love, the experiences we share and that we don't give up.

Nothing else matters now...

Mini Retirement #2- Olive groves in Sicily and Oktoberfest in Munich

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