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How to Live Anywhere in the World for Free

How to Live Anywhere in the World for Free


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Travel for free? This dudes crazy right?

Today is part two of what I am calling the "Knowledgeable Nomads" series, in which I will be teaching my readers how they can travel the world while ballooning their savings accounts rather than draining them dry. In the first part of this series I discussed general topics such as how to figure out what you want, devising your own getaway plan, quitting your job, creating a mobile income and taking the leap. All of these topics will be expanded on in upcoming posts, however today I will be covering a more specific topic, instructing my fellow nomadic souls on how they to can travel the world for FREE.

Possibly the most common excuse I hear when urging others to travel and see the world, is the financial barrier that is separating them from partaking in such a journey. In this post I will show you how not only can you travel the world for less than you would spend while sitting in your studio apartment back home,watching lost and eating take out, but how you can actually put money in the bank and build savings while travelling.

How To Live Anywhere in The World For Free

By- Rick A. Griffith

Letter from Franco, my host from my upcoming voyage to Sicily:

"Rick, sounds good, I do have a couple of people here, what I could do is give you the country cottage and that way you can have the freedom to do your writing. It is only 600 metres away from the village, great place for relaxing and feeling away from the world, there isn't too much to do as far as work is concerned, but maybe you will do some research and write up for me, I need to get a project I am doing on the net and to get people to be informed. Its something new for me and for my people.
would you be interested in that?"

For the next few months I will be living in a country cottage in Sicily a few hundred meters from the village of Sciacca. Franco is not family, and I do not have a massive network of connections throughout the world allowing me to simply stay wherever I please. Upon researching my most recent journey to Europe, I came across a traveler in one of the forums I frequent, recommending two web sites that would change everything. He insisted that he had been traveling using these two web sites throughout the world for over four years and couldn't say enough about how great these two sources were for traveling on the cheap.

I was naturally skeptical and figured I'd come across a salesman promoting his own website in a clever way. I dug deeper and checked out the two web sites he had recommended, what I found was shocking...

1. Workaway.info

 This is the site where I found Franco and set up my getaway to Sicily. The site offers hundreds of opportunities from hosts all around the world. "Workawayers" can also leave feedback about their experiences with each host, giving prospective travelers an insight into what they are signing up for. Stays can range from a few days to a few months and often times all that is required is a few hours per day of work at the site in exchange for free room and board. Be sure to thoroughly read the descriptions, job requirements and housing offered and you should have no problems or surprises.

Here are just a few of the opportunities available on Workaway:

France mansion.jpg

Or perhaps a Chateau in Normandy is more your speed...


These are just two examples of the hundreds of hosts on workaway looking for travelers to come and stay while contributing nothing more than a little elbow grease. Below I have provided an auto updating list of these opportunites for you to check out.

2. HelpX.Net

HelpX is a very cool site as well. Having found workaway first, I had applied for a few hosts there before doing the same on HelpX. Although I found my opportunity through workaway, I received over 10 e-mails back from hosts welcome to having me come and stay. I will be using this site for future travels as well as workaway and there seems to be even more opportunities available on this site. Here are a few examples.



My point here is that there are amazingly diverse opportunities around the world for those willing to look for them. No one is going to mail you a plane ticket and say "hey man, come stay with me". A little research and insight into opportunities around the world can provide travelers with a truly unique and rewarding experience.

Using these two sites, one can easily find places to stay while traveling around the world absolutely FREE. All it takes is a bit of work, a bit of research and an open mind.

Next week I will be covering in depth the travel planning process. Everything from finding the cheapest plane tickets to avoiding surprises and hassles while on the road. Until then...

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Five Tips for Quitting your Job & Traveling the World While Making Money