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By- Rick A. Griffith

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This is likely one of my most anticipated posts since starting Living Bueno. It seems that the majority of readers agree whole heartedly with the ideas shared here and the motivation for hitting the road. After all, this is the reason you are reading a travel blog to begin with.  However something that I have noticed throughout the wide variety of online and printed publications on travel, is that no one actually tells you how exactly it is that they make their money.

It seems more often than not, readers are left with grand ideas and brazen with enthusiasm, yet having obtained no real knowledge in taking the first step. Here at Living Bueno, I like to deliver the goods, not just big ideas. After all, you can find enough ideas on pretty much every other travel blog in the world. What I am going to give you, is the keys to the vehicle that can help you create income from anywhere in the world.

For those of you whining about dead end jobs, the desolate economic conditions and the lack of practicality, I want you to listen up… This one is for you!

How I made $2,000 in one week working remotely

First off let me say, this is not easy. To do what I did in this life changing week, it will require a great deal of hard work and even more hustle. So before reading on consider how bad it is that you really want to get away. I can provide you with location independence, however there is no cure for laziness or a lack of motivation. I am currently putting together a week in the life series, that will outline in detail the exact step by step process I employed to make $2000.00 in one week while working remotely. I’ll also show you how in doing this, I created relationships with important long term clients and how a little hustle can go a long way.

The Nuts and Bolts

This is what I call my “primer” post on the topic. In which I will lay out the general topics that I will cover in the coming weeks and show you why you may want to consider taking this approach to creating a remote income. This post will contain more general content and not cover the specific nuts and bolts that are a must have and are so often overlooked. For an in depth analysis of putting these mobile businesses together, stay tuned in the coming weeks.


The Muse

For me, the muse was freelance writing. More than that though, I started with a real game plan in mind. I will be honest, as far as artistic integrity goes, many freelance jobs may feel like “whoring” out your talents, as Hemmingway would so eloquently describe it. In fact, this is precisely what some of the best authors of the 19th century did to get their start. It was well known that T.S. Elliot, F. Scott Fitzgerald and also Ernest Hemmingway, all at one time took on freelance work to make ends meet. This was at a time when all three were also living as expats in the Paris of the 1920’s that bred so many talented authors and artists. The point here is that I truly feel doing freelance work can help immensely in forwarding ones career as a writer.  I also feel blogging is a great way to test new ideas and see what catches on and what doesn’t. 

Most of all, writing was something I knew I could do well and with relative ease, while traveling the world. Becoming a freelancer gave me the freedom and flexibility to truly move forward and enjoy the opportunities around the world I share with you here.


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But I am Not a Writer

This is the most common response I get from would be nomads, who can’t seem to find their mobile muse. The good news is you need not be a writer to enjoy an income stream while on the road. There are so many different ways that one can make this happen and in the coming weeks I will be outlining some of the successful entrepreneurs, freelancers and expats who have done just that.

Another thing I hear from many people is that they like to write, but simply do not feel they are good enough at it to take it on as a profession. I’ll be real honest with you, a 5th grader could competently complete most of the jobs I do. With the massive demand for content creation because of SEO, blogs and other online content mills, there simply aren’t enough people who are doing this. If you are an average writer, your work will stand out far above many non-native English speaking writers who make up the majority of the “writers” who complete this type of work. Many companies are realizing this and only hiring native English speaking freelancers and there is currently a boom in this market. I have more work and more clients than I know what to do with. Which leads me to…

Having a Vision

I didn’t start this venture as a freelance setup. I don’t care to call this venture, Rick Griffith’s Freelance Writing INC. In creating this income stream, I knew I needed to think bigger. In that light, I created Convers8 Professional Media. I plan on turning the business into one that not only keeps myself busy, but also employs many other freelancers interested in joining forces. In doing so, it will be possible to gain substantial market share, have a consistent clientele and thus a consistent income stream for myself and many other like minded nomads.

If you are interested in joining Convers8, drop me a line via the Contact Us link above. All applications will be considered, however there are a limited amount of spots available as this is a business that I must scale out slowly. If writing is just not your thing then…

Building Mobile Businesses

In the coming weeks, I will be bringing in a variety of professionals, whom I have noted as “Game Changers”. These are individuals who have created their own mobile income and travel the world with nothing more than a carry on and a laptop. It is my hope to help shed light on the way they found their muse and created their businesses. I hope this will provide the knowledge and inspiration to help you move forward as well.

In Conclusion

Whether it is freelance writing, graphic design, consulting work, or starting up your own online retailer, this series should be of great help to you would be nomads in search of your muse. I will be writing in depth posts with the assistance of experts who have succeeded in these other areas of business, and also putting on display for all to see my own virtual muse.  Also, I will be holding Q n A interviews with a variety of inspiring “Game Changers” in the coming weeks, outlining how they went from dreamers to doers. Stay tuned  for more specialized and actionable advice and you too may be joining myself and other Knowledgeable Nomads on the road soon enough.

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