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I'm Taking My Talents To South beach

I couldn't think of a better title than the famed quote of Lebron James for this particular voyage. Like Lebron, I will be heading to South beach enroute to Europe, in search of not simply monetary gain, but greatness. Unlike Lebron, I've decided to employ a bit more finesse in my departure from Scottsdale.

This week was absolutely perfect. My dad came into town from Seattle and I got to spend a whole lot of time enjoying this great city with the people who matter most. Goodbyes are always hard, but with  the great times from this week fresh in my mind, I can think of no better time to hit the road.


The first journey of LivingBueno through South America was much different. In leaving I felt lost, scared and much to tense to thoroughly enjoy the experience. This time, with the deadline approaching in a few hours until liftoff, I feel at peace and ready for the unknown.

IMGP0588 3.jpg

I've packed lighter, said my proper goodbyes and now the road is making its last call. I've said before that if you wait around for the best time to leave you may never find it. In making the decision to leave and purchasing tickets, booking hotels, I set out a clear path and let everyone know exactly what I was going to do. I stayed true in this promise and though no goodbyes are easy, they seem to get less difficult with each new voyage. 

So here we are, off to Miami... A new chapter has now begun.

At an Airport in Germany

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