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At an Airport in Germany


Photo Credit - Eric The Fish

The nearby Railway stationin Weeze, Germany

So I'm currently sitting at an airport in Germany, waiting the next 12 hours before I board a plane to Palermo, Sicily. Dusseldorf was an interesting city, and though rather uneventful, other than getting lost a few times, I made my first friend of the voyage. Jakob is from Berlin and I met him at the hostel I stayed at last night. He's a good guy, well traveled and friendly.

I told him I would be heading to Berlin in July and he promised to show me the best night life the city has to offer, an offer I couldn't and wouldn't want to refuse.

It is definitely different being in Germany than other places. I have mixed feeling towards my experience so far, however Jakob tells me to withhold judgement until seeing Berlin, where he says the city is much more inviting.

Either way, I am quite excited and ready to get onto Sicily. I look a bit more like a local there so maybe this will help my cause. I was actually mistaken for being from Italy from an Italian guy on the flight to Dusseldorf.

So this post is just an update on my adventures. I have some great posts in store for you, but for now this little update will have to suffice. From big name interviews to some great real world money making advice that will help you become location independent, I got you covered.

Until next time...

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