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Working Remotely Case Studies


I am excited to let you know that in the coming weeks we will be featuring a few well known case studies of individuals who have successfully created their own remote income and now enjoy the freedom to travel the world as they wish. The Game Changers tab at the top of your screen will feature a variety of professionals who have created their mobile muse and succeeded in building a location independent lifestyle. From published authors to branding consultants, we will be displaying some of the best location independent professionls who work remotely from locations around the world.

These Game Changers are real life case studies of people who choose an alternate route for their lives, one of adventure and embracing the unknown over the 9-5 lifestyle that failed to mesh with their desires.

This series will provide readers with QnA interviews, asking questions on how to get this mobile muse up and running and real life stories on how these individuals did just that.

If you have ever wondered how you can:

  1. Wake up on the coast of Sicily, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, trading a morning commute to the office in favor of some Sicilian sun.
  2. Set up shop in Thailand, running your business remotely while enjoying a wonderful exchange rate on your earnings.
  3. Live like a King in Buenos Aires, Argentina while running one of the most entertaining business in the world and living like a celebrity
  4. Set a Goal of seeing every country in the world, become a published author and write for CNN, Business week and the NY Times.
  5. Let your blog readers vote on where you will live for the next 3 months, and set off into the truly unknown.

These are all topics we will be discussing with people who have done just that. I hope to provide you all with real life, actionable results that will enable you to jump into any adventure you wish securely and confidently. What else can better motivate you to get up and get moving than these incredible case studies of those who have done just that?

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the Game Changers series and you to, can change the game…

Travel Videos From Sicily

At an Airport in Germany