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Two Weeks in Sicily- An adventure in adaptation

By- Rick A. Griffith


Photo Credit- BettyX1138

I am sitting at Palermo Airport in Sicily in front of yet another departure gate. I decided last evening after a few drinks to book a ticket leaving in the morning for Berlin after spending two weeks here in Palermo. Though I've enjoyed myself thoroughly here in Palermo, my departure does not feel bittersweet and I feel I am leaving at just the right moment. Thinking back now of the places I've seen and the friends I have made who I now share countless memories with, it is safe to say that I made the most of my short time in this very interesting and unique city.

Among other unmentionable acts, here is a peak at my last two weeks by the numbers:

I swam in the light blue water of the Mediterranean Sea before partying until dawn. I've woken up with a beer for breakfast to stem off the wicked hangovers. I met and made friends with fellow travelers and locals alike from Canada, Mexico, Ireland, France, Spain, Denmark, Slovakia and of course, Sicily. I've taken three flights up until today and will take three more by the end of it in getting to Berlin. I have drank at least 30 liters of Moretti beer, a figure that is likely quite conservative and yet have lost over 10 lbs, go figure.


Photo Credit- Gorski

I took the rights of initiation with my new Sicilian pals who introduced me to Cow Splean and Intestines in preperation for a night(and essientially morning) of drinking with the locals in Vucciria, the place where young Palermitinos gather for cheap drinks and partying in the street.

I found an apartment in the center of the city to rent for one week with four female roommates and somehow managed to not get laid once. I stood with thousands of American solders and local soccer fans in the central plaza watching the local team play for the A league Championship while drinking Moretti's of course.

I learned that forward planning is quite irrelevant for an insane personal like myself and that in every problem lies an opportunity in disguise. That WiFi is a more precious resource that either food or water for a freelance writer, though not as important as beer. I've missed my home, family and most of all my little puppy and yet I know I am here for a reason and there is far more to learn on this journey. It has been a crazy two weeks and this is still only the beginning. So I bid you farewell Palermo. Thank you for the laughs cheap beer, fun vibe and great street food. Now I am on to Berlin, this should be interesting...

Game Changers-Colin Wright

Game Changers-Colin Wright

Living and Eating well in Palermo