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Coming Full Circle- If You Feel Lost Consider This

Coming Full Circle- If You Feel Lost Consider This

By- Rick A. Griffith

"Reflection is priceless"

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Have you ever had the feeling that everything that has happened in your life has prepared you for this very moment?

Lately something is quite different within me, a change that I cannot explain.

For years now I have wandered through life in search of something, although I did not know exactly what it was that I was looking for. In this process I learned some invaluable lessons that I otherwise would have never discovered.

I remember in a 2009 interview I did with Ross Jeffries, a question that I asked about what tips he might have for people in their early 20’s trying to find out a direction for their lives. His response was that it is up to the individual to find their own path.

“Do not be scared to be lost, this is natural.” He said.

“I thought I wanted to be a comedy writer in my 20’s and it took me a while to realize that that just wasn’t what I was made for, or even wanted from my life”

"I would always tell myself, No ordinary life! I didn't want an average life, I wanted more."

Of course Ross went on to become well known for being featured in the NY Times Bestselling book “The Game” as well as being one of the subjects that Tom Cruise based his character in the movie Magnolia off of, not to mention building a successful business in teaching men how to be successful with women as a top dating coach.

I know now that being lost, seeking answers and experiencing turmoil in your personal life can be an amazing experience. Sure this can be extremely uncomfortable; you will be unstable, reckless, emotional and at times flat out depressed.

However what else could ever force positive change. Having a life that is just good enough not to make positive change is the epitome of misery as you are truly inhibited from ever achieving your dreams.

To find a balance between pipe dreaming and reality, you must at some point leave your comfort zone and test the limits of what is possible, putting yourself into tough situations in order to see what is and is not possible for you personally.

Over the past few years I’ve tested these boundaries in many different areas of my life.

  • I’ve been flush with cash and unhappy as hell.
  • I’ve had my back against the wall without a dollar to my name and still been happier than ever.
  • I’ve traveled all around the world in places where I had no idea where I was, how to ask for directions or what I was even doing in this place. The thrill of this was unreal, some of the most fun I've ever had.
  • I've at times been depressed coming back to ordinary life, trying to make life at home as fulfilling.
  • I’ve been over 100 lbs overweight miserable, having health issues and extremely depressed.
  • I’ve been 110 lbs lighter swimming in the Mediterranean Sea off the beaches of Sicily with a shit eating grin on my face.

My point is this. I get some flak for being irresponsible, unstable and unrealistic. That is fair.

However I would like to counter by asking you this.

Do you know your own limits?

Have you been up and down enough in life to realize exactly what it is that you want?


Have you spent your life holding on as hard as possible to avoid ever having to change?

I am not championing my lifestyle the past few years, however I am also not quick to condemn it. This period has been essential in my growth into adulthood.

My mistakes and triumphs have painted a clear picture of EXACTLY what I am capable of and what I am not. I now know my limitations.

I write this today because things in my life have changed in a very real way as of late. I have come full circle in the past few weeks and I have realized that it is possible to live an amazing lifestyle, shunning the status quo lifestyle and seeking greatness all while right here at home in Seattle. It took a few years of gallivanting around the world and finding myself to realize this, but it is now hitting me like a Pacquiao left to the face.

It was ok to be lost, to wander through my early to mid 20’s in search of meaning, direction and a sense of self. It is ok for you to wander too, in fact I highly recommend you to do this in order to find exactly what it is you want.

At some point down this road, an abrupt change in your mindset will occur. For me it literally happened within a few days of arriving back in Seattle this holiday season.

Travel, weight loss, self improvement, writing, this blog, these were just tools in getting me to this point. Life skills and experience I acquired along this crazy road.

I have discovered the career path that I want to follow, the place I want to live and a person who I care about deeply. And this realization all happened at once when I realized that I was finally happy with being who I was, who I had become because of this period of being lost.

And so I ask you again,

Have you ever had the feeling that everything that has happened in your life has prepared you for this very moment?

Until recently, I had not.

Today I can tell you that I have. The proof however is in execution, not in blog posts.

You will notice a new voice on the blog, more confident, more realistic, and less idealistic. This is a maturation of thought, not an abandonment of optimism.

I hope that you will follow my journey into a more stable lifestyle. That being said you can be sure that I will never stop challenging myself and whatever journey I embark on, I will always attempt to be the very best that I can be, this time within my own limits.

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