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From $4 in My Pocket to $40,000 In One Month- 4HWW Success

From $4 in My Pocket to $40,000 In One Month- 4HWW Success

My phone rang and I scrambled to grab it. This time I decided to pull off the road, into a gas station and avoid putting my life in danger.

More than the fact that I am an awful multi tasker, I own an awful car. The 93 Camry that has been puttering me along for me the past year, has a heating system that doesn’t work and a steering system that barely works. Thus, the choice to pull over when I get a phone call is preferred.

“This is Rick.”

My standard greeting to which I am surprised no one has replied, “no shit? that’s why I’m calling you.”

“Rick, it’s Victoria, we just met and you showed my client and I the house in Mukilteo.” The Realtor reminded me.

“Ahhh, hello Victoria, how are you?” I greeted

“Great, I just realized something. Remember when I said you looked familiar?” She asked.

“Yea” I replied.

“Well I have a picture of you in my wallet.” She laughed

(silence) kinda confused and laughing awkwardly., somewhat spooked out.

“You took my daughter to a dance in high school, remember Jessica? She explained

“Ohhh Jessica lol, wow small world.” I said relieved.

“Well anyways Rick, my client is going to write a full price offer, no closing costs, close in 3 weeks” She proclaimed.

“That’s great news, make sure to get it in by 9AM, I have 5 showings scheduled for tomorrow. (not really)” I begged her.

“Oh of course first thing I will!” she nervously replied.

We ended the call and I threw a fist pump that would put big Ron from Jersey Shore to shame. “F*** Yea!” I shouted punching my steering wheel.

I had just had the best two week run of my career, this deal bringing my total to 9 in this short period of time. I thought back to this time last year, when I had nothing but a dream, literally almost nothing. I had traveled the world, enjoyed great success in so many different things and yet I was broke and needing to make something happen.

I decided to move back to my hometown of Seattle from Phoenix, where I was living at the time, going off of sheer intuition. It would end up being a monumental decision.

The Come Up

Seattle was callin’, I needed to get back to the place where it all began, where I had already succeeded as a professional and had bought 3 properties before my 21st birthday. I knew I had to get back into real estate, an industry which I had flourished in, but that had made and then destroyed my financial situation when the market completely crashed.

I knew I had the talent to be great once again. I understood value, the business came so easy to me. I just had to reapply myself.

The Struggle

My license had expired and huge fees accrued, not to mention weeks of classes I had to complete to regain my license. I had no money, and did anything I could to get this taken care of. Luckily my wonderful girlfriend helped me through this time and had my back, helping me financially and emotionally even though both of us had very little at the time.

It took a few months but things were turning around. I regained my license in March and really began learning, improving and mastering the art of the deal.

Reaching Out

I was lucky enough to sign back up at the office I had left and work under the tutelage of Bob Wilson, an immensely successful real estate broker and investor. I began to reach out for knowledge in this office of successful brokers. I started a conversation with Steve Breda, an agent who I’ve always thought highly of. This guy is a salesman through and through, an intelligent guy who everyone just likes being around and who could sell anything.

Bob and Steve took me in, making me the example for the office at our weekly meetings, telling my story of ups and downs to the other brokers.

This motivated me. I started straight hustling every single day. I held open houses, went out and talked the business with anyone who would listen, perfecting my pitch, seeing what things I said would trigger interest in people.

It wouldn’t be long now, I knew it.

The Turning Point

Real Estate is a tough business to get moving, it starts like a freight train, but once it it going this momentum is similarly as difficult to stop. It had to be hard for those around me to see me grinding everyday, seeing no results for months on end, wondering if things would ever change.

One day at networking event it just hit me. I had everything it took inside of me. It was time to tell my story, the story which had amazed everyone, which nearly everyone I’d told had resonated with.

I turned to a young guy about my age at this open house mixer and started chatting him up. He had traveled to China after college I’d caught, the perfect segway to tell my story of world wanderings. We exchanged cards after a 20 minute conversation and a few glasses of wine.

After a happy hour meeting a week later, we found a perfect little condo in Greenwood that he would purchase, my first deal. I was back.

Propelling the Freight Train

I literally feel unstoppable right now. After going through so much over the past 4 years and learning everything I have, I now feel complete. I can go toe to toe with anyone.

After all, who the hell has the life experience that I do?

At 26 years old I’ve visited 14 countries, lived abroad for over 6 months, lost 100 lbs, bought 3 condos, lost 3 condos, made 6 figures at 18 years old, lost everything I own, and come all the way back.

I remember returning saying, maybe I just need a boring $40k per year job that will get me by for the rest of my life, maybe I should just be like everyone else.

No way…

I’m about to enjoy my first $40,000 month ever. For real. Crazy right?

Moreover, I am working at about 20% capacity. By putting the right people in place and streamlining my business, there is no limit to the things I can achieve in the coming years. I’ve made some hugely valuable connections and have buyers waiting to pull the trigger on the next deal I bring them. All because I knew what I was doing, and regained belief in myself.

From $4 in my pocket to $40,000 in a month, I hustled. Nothing but a dollar and a dream, and a whole lot of hustle. Knowing what I know now, there is no going back.

I’ve learned that money isn’t everything, but it sure matters. I’ve learned that you can travel the world on a tiny budget and still create rich memories. More than anything I’ve learned to never forget the lessons that life has taught you. To learn, improve and grow from every good and bad event life sends your way.

Living Bueno is 3 years old now. I want to thank all my readers for driving me, inspiring me and propelling me to keep going, having someone to answer too like you keeps me grinding, day in and day out. I also have to mention that The 4 Hour Work Week and The 4 Hour Body, both written by Tim Ferriss, were monumental in my transformation. Both in my business and in my physical transformation I studied these books, reading them multiple times and soaking in all of the knowledge from someone who was so similar to me. For the nudge forward, I am forever grateful.

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