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Suppressing Selfishness- The Key to Finding Unconditional Happiness

Suppressing Selfishness- The Key to Finding Unconditional Happiness


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One of life’s great mysteries that transcends from billionaire bankers to down and out drunks is the search for everlasting and unconditional happiness. It is not surprising however that very few of us even have a clue as to what would truly provide us with this elusive and possibly unrealistic dream of eternal joy.

I have always looked forward, dreaming of the future and creating my castles in the sky in my daydreams, mentally molding my future empire, excluding no detail in these wishful ponderings.

What I am now realizing is that nearly all ambitious dreams and materialistic yearnings stem from some form of selfishness and vanity. While these two principals can be tremendously effective motivating factors, they are not what any great man should base his life’s plan on, as these pillars will crumble when more important, more fulfilling and more righteous needs inevitably arise.

Applying This Idea to Everyday Life

Here is the way I see things. At different points in my life I valued wealth, travel, creating a business and fitness over all other things in my life, literally all things. All of these things can unquestionable be rewarding in their own way, in no way should they be put in front of the things that truly matter in life.

Valuing others needs above your own may be the only way to ever experience unconditional happiness. Putting your family, friends and occasionally even a perfect strangers needs above your own, making this selfless sacrifice is something that so few of us in today’s society even consider.

The bottom line is that new Mercedes, waterfront property and that flashy suit might temporarily give you a feeling of satisfaction, but do nothing to cure the emptiness and yearning for more that lacking a real selfless purpose creates.

The Danger in Isolation

To dig further, let me use an anecdote from my own life.

For years I prized travel as the most important activity in my life and my wanderings did teach more about the world and its people that I could have ever imagined. What it also did however was teach me a great deal about myself. While the drunken nights and unforgettable journeys will always bring a smile to my face, this is not to say that being across the world and not knowing a person in the city I was in didn’t wear on my mind. That feeling of utter and complete loneliness was something that made me realize that no matter where I went and what I saw, I had left so many things I loved deeply back at home.

This isolation made me realize that it is not the places or the things that will matter when we leave this earth; it is the lives that we have affected and the legacy of good or evil that we have left in our wake that will remain.

My Reconciliation

My point is that we need a purpose. Wealth, the urge to travel, the yearning to be great at what you do, these are all more than noble pursuits. But they must be done in conjunction with an overarching story and purpose and such pursuits without these principals are done in vain.

My urge to provide for my girlfriend and our family, to be able to help my parents as they get older and to help all those who I hold dear as friends to create a brighter financial picture through real estate is what drives me forward. I am in a unique position where I have the ability to completely change the financial future of my clients with relative ease, setting them up for their selfless pursuits in the future.

My goal is to create the urgency in you to have an overarching purpose. Not just for the next trip overseas, the next promotion or pay raise, but rather for the greater good of your family and your loved ones. Without this commitment to the greater good of selflessness, all too many of us will allow these pursuits to fall by the wayside, waiting for brighter days which may never come.

Loving outwardly and having a selfless purpose that you can direct your pursuits in is in my opinion the only way that you will ever find unconditional happiness.

So now... What is your purpose?

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