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Following Your Instincts to Obtain Your Dream Lifestyle

Following Your Instincts to Obtain Your Dream Lifestyle


Photo Credit - Paul Bica

Trust your instincts always.

Emotions are dangerous, instincts are much more stable.

Too many times in life I have put another's wants and needs before my own, shunning my true instincts to appease the emotional needs of another.

Now is my time. As a man, like it or not, you are the leader. Your life, your family and where you end up is solely to your own discretion.

Lead boldly and be unrelenting while trusting your instincts and moving toward the lifestyle of your dreams. In the end lifestyle is what we want to idolize. If you want a family, expendable income, trips around the world and a work less, live more lifestyle, you had better do what is necessary to get there.

For too long, longer than I even care to mention, I completely failed in this pursuit. I lived more, worked less without the necessary structure or discipline to get to my end game lifestyle. I was comfortable, not hungry. My life's compass was broken, not seeing tomorrow, only confined to my immediate worries of today, keeping everyone else happy, focusing not on what drove me forward.

A revolution of clarity has now captured my focus. It is not easy to wake up, break out of your rut and gain a firm directional bearing, knowing exactly what you desire in life. It is damn hard in reality and takes more than a little aimless wandering and self exploration to gain an understanding of what is truly important to you.

The fact is that you may now be completely lost like I was just a year ago today, having many accomplishments, experiences and relationships, yet no purpose or higher calling. Keep wandering, keep making mistakes and keep searching and when the time is right, follow your instincts.


NYC, where I made a decision that would eventually change my life.

Photo Credit - Leo Newball Jr.

A year ago today I flew from New York City to Seattle. I wasn't quite sure why at the time.

I was booking my plane ticket back to my home in Phoenix and was pissed off that the fare to Phoenix was $300 more than the one to my hometown of Seattle. I decided to take a trip back to Seattle and catch a cheap flight to Phoenix a few weeks later.

A split second decision forced me to follow my instinct and book the flight to Seattle instead, I felt a bit homesick and thought it was time to return after being gone for well over a year. Something told me to just book that flight, sleep on my brothers couch for a few weeks and see old friends.

Two weeks turned into two months and I met a girl.

I would leave two months later after having some of the best times of my life with my brother, bonding with my dad while hiking every weekend and meeting a woman who would change my life forever. I would sadly board a plane to Phoenix after not sleeping a wink the night before, wondering why I was leaving.

I would wander only a bit more in Phoenix before realizing that what I really wanted was back home all along. I talked with that girl everyday I was gone for three months and she was the first person I saw the day I returned in December.

We have been dating for 7 months now, my instincts tell me she is the one. She supported me through some of the hardest times in my life, encouraging me to get back into Real Estate, a career I thrive in and have since become very successful in, in only 3 months time.

Life pulls you in so many different directions. Trust your instincts always.

Your life, your happiness and your future could be dependent on that one split second decision to book that flight home.

Go with your gut, it may save your life!

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