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I Knew My Time in Seattle Was Done

I Knew My Time in Seattle Was Done

Whether it is wandering drunk through Georgetown to take in the unique ambiance and interesting patrons at Nine Pound Hammer or sitting down with friends at Frolic’s open air sky bar in downtown, Seattle is a stunningly unique and beautiful city. For most of my life it was the place I called home, but those days are now gone.

Sure I will be back many times to see old friends and see family over the holidays, but this wonderful city that sucks you in and is so intoxicating is no longer where I will call home.

I write this from Scottsdale, AZ a city that admittedly is lacking in history and culture. But where Scottsdale falls short in those facets, it is worth mentioning that tonight is April 27th, its 2 AM and its 78 degrees outside. Checkmate.

I spoke to my buddy back home today who let me know, yes it is indeed still raining, raining just like it has been since September with a brief break in December where it snowed on and off throughout the month.

The dark short winter days, 8 to 9 months of rain and overall depression this causes is a real problem. That alone though, I could have dealt with. What I and so many other original Seattleites could not deal with are the astronomical housing prices and cost of living that have turned Seattle from a grungy, seaside city full of culture and mom and pop shops to a hipster, douchebag mecca for tech geeks of all kinds. With rents nearing $4 a square foot in places, it is worth pondering whether paying $2800 for your tiny one bedroom apartment is really worth it just to live in this city that has lost much of its luster.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a fun place to visit but for me, to live there again? Sorry but no.

I live in a large 3 bedroom home with attached 2 car garage in a luxury community where we have 4 resort style pools, 2 grand movie theaters, Massive great room meeting areas that hosts dozens of events monthly and an on staff chef 5 days a week, this all in the nicest area in Scottsdale where we routinely run into celebrities and athletes who lives nearby.


The cost of this life of luxury? $1600 a month all in, a price that you’d be lucky to rent a room for back in Seattle.

Living Bueno in Scottsdale

As a couple who can work anywhere, Nicole and I made the decision nearly two years ago to move to Scottsdale, AZ. With an income that was not tied to any particular location, I convinced Nicole that she could start her hair business in AZ and in the meantime I could cover our expenses. What we didn’t expect was just how much better our life would be in AZ for much less than we were paying in Seattle.

I mentioned our beautiful home here, but I could also mention the fact that we have a housekeeper who cleans our home every two weeks. We go out to dinner whenever we want, go out to movies, pay for afterschool programs for our daughter and most amazingly have gone on a vacation once a month EVERY month this year.

So far in 2017 we’ve been to Seattle, Nashville, Denver and Puerto Penasco Mexico! We are even going back to Puerto Penasco in June for two weeks.

These are things we could have never afforded to do back in Seattle. Nicole’s business has completely taken off and she is booked out for months in advance in the salon we built in the 3rd bedroom of our house. She single handedly started a 6 figure business out of our 3 bedroom using only Instagram Marketing and her own talent. (Yes I am a lucky guy)

Our quality of life, stress level and overall happiness level is so much better than two years ago when I would sit in 3 hours of traffic in the rain to get to work and back.

There is simply no comparison.

Seattle you were my first love, the one that showed me some of the best food, culture and fun that I still remember and think about to this day. But as with any breakup, the pros cannot even nearly cancel out the cons.

We are so happy in Scottsdale, a city we can afford to live a luxury lifestyle in an amazing climate with no traffic for less than half of a similar lifestyle in Seattle. What is even better should we chose to head out to Vancouver, Seattle, Austin, Nashville, Chicago, NYC or Miami, well we are only a short flight away and affording these trips is no not a matter of months of planning but weeks, maybe even days…

Here is a short comparison list of Seattle and Scottsdale

                        Scottsdale                               Seattle

Our Home-     $1600                                     $4800 (even at this price not as nice as AZ)

AVG Traffic-  Maybe slight slowdown at 5   An Hour each way is a good commute

Weather- Amazing for 9 months ok for 3     Terrible for 9 months- Nice for 2.5-3

Food Scene-  Good Italian, greek, Mexican   Much better Asian food, better all around

Proximity- Vegas, Mexico, LA, Sedona all close   Portland, Vancouver, Leavenworth?

Lifestyle-   Far better, healthier and happierGloomy, depressing, sedentary

All in all better weather, no traffic, ½ to1/3 the price. Both cities have good food but Seattle takes the title in that regard. Lifestyle isn’t even close, Scottsdale is cheaper, sunnier, healthier and happier.

I no longer look at Seattle and wonder what life would be like back home. I am absolutely thrilled with living in Scottsdale and the lifestyle we enjoy here on a daily basis. More than anything we now have the ability to get out and travel often, something we both love and something that brings our family together more than anything else. If you are considering leaving Seattle to escape to sunshine, consider Scottsdale. We have not made a better decision in the  past few years and I believe this decision in particular has enabled us to have success in so many other areas in out lives.

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