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The Best 10 Minutes of Your Life in Bed

The Best 10 Minutes of Your Life in Bed



Growing up I was always taught to be polite, have manners and fit in. Being timid and passive was prized over bold and outlandish. This carried over into my early professional life and as a young man I found only moderate success as a professional, but passive real estate agent.

I found myself afraid to cold call, go door knocking and entirely too concerned with peoples feelings. I realized that instead of giving strong guidance and advice to my clients, I was letting them run the show, showing dozens of houses and letting them tear each one apart instead of focusing on getting them into a property that made sense and closing the deal. I would avoid difficult conversations sending emails or text messages late at night instead of taking care of issues when they arose head-on.

I saw so many of my peers passing me by and being more successful than I was even though I knew I was smarter and knew the market inside and out. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago when I started a new nightly ritual that would change my entire outlook and transform my business and even my personality.

Each night as I lay in bed before I fall asleep, all the issues of the day come into my mind. What I have been putting off, what the possible results of the actions I had taken that day would be and how to avoid any big issues in the coming days. I would have nightmares of the things I’d put off, of deals not closing of losing all my clients and I was going crazy.

I decided right then I would think each night of the absolute most important one thing I needed to do the following day to avoid disaster and bring some peace of mind. I then though of the one thing I could do the next day that would best prepare my business to grow in the future. Lastly, I thought of the one thing I know I’d been putting off for too long.

I wrote these down on a notepad on the nightstand next to my bed and vowed to take care of these 3 things (or at least start the process) before handling any other business the next day. I also vowed to implement a new policy that whenever any tough call I had to make or when bad news arose, I had to take care of the problem right there on the spot, the very moment I had enough information to do so. At minimum a "heads up" call to the person effected needed to be made that very moment.

Facing these issues head on has done wonders for my business and enabled my to shift my mind from the perils of everyday business to the huge growth opportunities I was too exhausted to see. I now have the energy and the “Gusto” to take care of all the BS in record time and move onto the bigger action items that are the real wealth creators moving forward.

Now there are tons of other experiences that may be more fun that I’ve enjoyed in even less than 10 minutes in bed (joking)(not really 10 minutes is a long time) but none as transformative as this ten-minute exercise.

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