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Living Bueno Reboot- Longterm Family Travel

Living Bueno Reboot- Longterm Family Travel

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Follow us on Instagram @livingbueno

6:03AM Scottsdale, AZ December 24, 2015


I started this post 6 years ago in Februrary 2011, but it's message aligns so much with today that all I had to do was finish it out. See if you can tell where I picked up at.

I am such a damn hippocrit sometimes it disgusts me. How did I even get back to this point after everything I've been through and what I have seen?


For over a year I'd been writing constantly about the incongruencies of life in the US and the western world and yet here I was living the exact same life that I'd previously blasphemed.

"What the hell am I doing?" I muttered under my breath while staring up at my bedroom cieling, having fallen into my bed exhausted once again.

The past year had been one hell of an adventure, but had I really learned anything at all I wondered, laying anxiously, frustrated with my own mistakes.

Before it was acceptable, I simply hadn't known anything else and ingorance was bliss. I could live happily, content with a life of normalcy. All I really had to do was find a wife, get a stable job and start watching Lost and American Idol weekly and relegate my new life plan to my 10 mile radius for the next few decades, then maybe I could make everyone I know comfortable with my lifestyle.

"What a nice, grounded hardworking guy that Rick is, a real regular guy." "What a great change he's made after those wild and dangerous early years, he has really got his life straight now" They would say in praise as I sat by with a wry empty smile, conceding my own soul silently.

However now, there is no excuse for such short sightedness. I had been in Exile, faced myself, my fears and most of all I had discovered the inner workings of my thoughts, realized where my truest happiness stemed from. The results scared me.

Well guess what grandma? My time in purgatory is drawing to an end. That's right, I'm taking it back to 2010 Living Bueno free wheeling, shit talking, no holds barred Rick. It's time to become that guy you don't want your daughter to date once again. So please feel free, shower me with your insults of how impractical and naive it is to continue to live my life this way at this age. Implore your beliefs upon me and lecture on how this is the perfect time to settle into the suburbs, buy a sensible Subaru Forester and hit that 90 day raw veggie cleanse that is so life changing. 

In the past 10 years I've done both. As Brad Pitt explained in Oceans 12 "I tried living a normal life, I'm better at this."

For the first time now I feel validated in what many of you might view as an impractical lifestyle. There seems to be so much more pain and agony in normalcy than anyone is willing to admit, then again maybe that is my own feelings projecting. All I know is I can't do boring, normal, mundane shit for another day. Living Bueno is back because I need it. I built this blog 8 years ago to hold myself accountable in living an unconventional lifestyle and taking risks, traveling and continually improving myself in the process. 

The sad thing is that these days, my beloved long form blog posts are going the way of the buffalo in favor of new exciting video content of which we have a whole lot coming. No this is not my preference but for you my followers I will oblige your adhd ridden brains.

At my side for the duration of my unconventionally absurd life plan are my wife Nicole and our daughter Lilly. Oh ya, things have changed big time in the past few years. No more drunken rants on loneliness or self inflating posts about the chicks at hostels I could never close, no this time I'll have to get outside my own head for you guys. 

In less that 6 months we leave for Chiang Mai, Thailand hitting the road as a family in what will be our first Asian excursion. We hope to become a beacon of hope for those young couples and parents who feel stuck in life like we did, knowing how much more is out there, but not how to get it.

In the coming weeks I'll explain the following in upcoming posts-

How we live and work remotely.

How we turned a $300 investment into a $10,000 monthly revenue stream in less than 3 months.

How you too can create an online business easily and live anywhere in the world whether you are single, married have kids or are retired. 

How you can leverage currency exchange rates and geo arbitrage to live like a King in less than $1500 monthly. 

Follow us on Instagram @livingbueno and on Periscope @livingbueno and we look forward to bringing our life out to you all in the coming months!

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