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The Ups and Downs of Moving Around

The Ups and Downs of Moving Around


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Today I woke up, walked a few blocks to the local library and completed some freelance writing work I've been putting off. It is amazing how things come together. I am in fact in Phoenix now, after flying down on the 26th of September and luckily things are going quite well.

Goodbyes are menacing. While I loathe them, I still in someway have grown to enjoy the intricacies involved. Seeing firsthand that you will be missed substantially is after all quite a confidence booster.

I'd also be lying to say that taking advantage of the free goodbye and welcome shots of booze every few months is a nice bonus of the nomadic lifestyle.

Another thing that has recently caught my attention is the alluring qualities that a fleeting romance provides. While many women may discount the possibility of finding a nomadic love interest, many others see it as quite the challenge. The erratic, here today, gone tomorrow plans I keep seems to help draw interest from women hoping to be the change agent to my unrealistic lifestyle. While this is clearly impossible, it does provide some amazingly entertaining experiences.

Other women see this lifestyle as as ideal for their own motivations, seeking temporary fulfillment without a permanent commitment. In that light, we see eye to eye.

My life is nothing to be proud of and while interesting and different, can be damned hard at times. The glamour and life experience that comes along with such wanderings comes at the price of weakened relationships. While providing an abundance of contacts and acquaintances around the world, strong bonds become difficult to forge simply because of my time starved predicament.

In essence however, I am what I set out to be. Idolizing the Jason Bourne lifestyle, I have become that mysterious, well traveled gentleman at the airport hotel's bar drinking alone. While I live more like a mere college student on the road, instead of a secret agent with an expense account, I can live with that.

You must give up a great deal emotionally, forget about words like routine and schedule and simply live in the wind and this can wear on those who are not fiercely independent.

As I acclimate to a more normal lifestyle here in Phoenix over the next few months, I also must live with the fact that I know this part of me is not dead, my wanderings not complete. This defect I possess, the ever mighty travel bug will appear once again, driving me to another corner of the earth in search of another city, a new friend, or a lonely girl that sit tonight ignorant of my existence.

But with the anguish and frustration this life can cause at times, one must also remember how amazing the act of learning a new place is. The nights spent sleeping on airport benches, the teary eyed good byes and the sorrow of a lonely night in a foreign place, bow to unforgettable memories made with unsuspecting foreigners whose path you have remarkably crossed.

It is irresponsible. A disgusting act of selfishness for those futile minded individuals who neglect their future obligations that have been planned for them by others.

And so it is perhaps the most beautifully perfect act one can partake in. Now I just need to figure out where I will go next...

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