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How to Lose Over 100 lbs

By- Rick A. Griffith

Photo Credit- Alan Cleaver

It is a mindset, a lifestyle and more importantly, a calling felt deep within. To completely change your body and realize its highest natural physical potential, you had better feel a deep calling to do so. Whether you are trying to simply lose those last 10 lbs to look marvelous for your wedding date, or completely shred 150 lbs of fat accumulated from years of bad decisions, I can help.

I know this because I have been there. It was not so long ago that I sat at a bar in Mukilteo, WA and said cheers to friends while feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. No clothes fit and I would resort to the baggy XXXL sweatshirts and size 46 jeans which were a bit unstylish to say the very least. How far I had let myself slip was unimaginable and at 331lbs, not only was I heavier then the massive linemen I watched on the football field each Sunday, I was in real danger of experiencing permanent health issues as a result of this indulgent lifestyle.

Today I sit here much happier in a variety of different areas of my life. I created this site to outline my journey to greatness, which is still ongoing. To achieve all that I wanted in life, a major overhaul was necessary.

I’m happy to say that while I am not to where my ultimate goals are set, the last year and a half has seen some remarkable changes. I have lost over 110 LBS, gained an incredible amount of physical and emotional strength and learned to manage motivation and discipline to achieve anything I desire.

What almost everyone seems to overlook when working to achieve something great, is that 90% of your success depends on your state of mind, discipline and relentlessness. In the coming series I hope to show you how by making simple changes to your everyday life, you can see remarkable results and do so very quickly.

I will be reaching out to some of the best in the business, those who I have personally looked to for guidance and motivation in my quest to achieve my own physical goals. These are people who I trust and respect and their advice has been vital in my own personal transformation.

Next week I will publish the in depth first post of this series that will provide you with videos, cutting edge fat loss methods, nutritional advice and workout plans all in one post detailing my own personal transformation in losing 100 lbs. My aim is to show you real world actionable insight and also prove to you that your lofty, seemingly unattainable goals are in fact quite achievable.

This series will help you do all of the following:

  1. Shed fat quickly
  2. Gain strength and pack on muscle
  3. Get as lean as possible
  4. Gain a mental prospective that will enable you to conquer all of your goals

Through the help of myself as well as the real experts who have helped me, the Change Your Body series will outline the exact steps in achieving your finest physical form and becoming incredibly strong mentally.

Stay tuned for the beginning of this series next week, where I’ll share my own personal journey.

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