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Eluding sharks and boredom- The Gary Misner Story

Eluding sharks and boredom- The Gary Misner Story

By- Rick A. Griffith


As Gary looked ashore, he saw the local surfers starting their bonfires. It was dusk and they had paddled ashore, content to call it a day. Gary on the other hand was determined to hone his surfing skills with every available wave. He’d left his home in Long Island, NY just two weeks earlier and was now doing all he could, determined to fit in with the local surf crowd who had so far been less than welcoming.

As he began to paddle back to shore casually he suddenly felt a breeze of energy beneath him. Convincing himself that it was all in his head he kept on paddling, picking up the pace slightly. Then in his peripheral vision just above the waterline, appeared a fin. His heart skipped a beat.

After all, he hadn’t traveled halfway across the world in hopes of living a better, more fulfilling life just to be eaten by a shark. He paddled frantically toward the shore. Just a week ago a girl had fallen victim to a shark attack nearby and now he thought that he’d be sharing the same fate. Instead of freezing up in fear, he swam like hell back to the shore with nothing on his mind other than hauling ass.

He arrived there bleeding from the coral which had cut his skin, looking as if he’d seen a ghost.

“Are you ok man? Asked a local who noticed Gary’s distressed state.

“I saw a shark and it followed me all the way in, I thought I was done for.” Gary replied panting for air.

 “That shark right there?” asked the local with a sheepish grin.

“Ya man, that’s it!” Gary answered.

“Haha, you were blessed by the surf gods bro, that DOLPHIN just escorted you safely back to shore.” chuckled the local.

“Huh?” Gary was perplexed

“Ehhh, don’t worry about it, grab a beer man, I’ll tell you all about it.” he offered.


The Bonfire

This was Gary’s initiation to the local surf scene in Hawaii. He would become friends with the group and share unforgettable memories over the next 3 months. Just weeks later, the same group of guys he shared brews with on the beach that fateful night, would take him on another adrenaline pumping journey. They offered to let Gary come watch them skydive. Little did he know that upon arriving, he would have a fully paid for pass to take the leap of faith himself. No video, no lessons, just adrenaline and fear. Gary was deathly afraid of heights. 5 minutes after arriving he was loaded up in a pick up truck on his way to a plane loaded with skydiving gear.

“ How long is the free fall?” Gary asked the driver.

 “For the rest of your life” the driver replied in a crazy voice.

Welcome to Hawaii!

But lets rewind…

How did Gary find his way here in the first place. Where does a young man find the time, money and courage to embark on such adventures halfway across the globe from his home in New York?

How do you trade coffee and cigarette brakes at the family auto body shop for swimming with dolphins in Hawaii and dinner with new friends in Italy?

Gary chose happiness.

Working each and every day at the auto body shop had motivated him to want so much more from his life. He began to open his mind to new possibilities and not just accept the traditional path to a life of 9-5 misery. To discover something more fulfilling, something with more purpose.

He quit the auto body shop and began exploring new ways to generate income that suited him better. Months of exploration lead Gary to the discovery of the investment potential of Silver bullion. He began investing in Silver, buying and selling it as a way of funding his new lifestyle, doing the things he always had dreamed of. The silver he discovered was beautiful and even more attractive were the profits he was making from his investments.

What if I could somehow incorporate the beauty of the silver & it’s investment potential together into an item that served a duel purpose? He thought.


The Peoples Bailout- The Border Bribe necklace

He decided to start playing with this idea, incorporating his investments into accessories that could be worn around town. Within a month he had designed a belt, hat, bracelet and necklace which he began wearing proudly around town. People started to take more of an interest in his fashion sense.

Unlike an Ed hardy accessory that quickly losses it’s value after purchase, Gary’s accessories could double in value within a few months, not to mention turn heads. As interest piqued, he began making similar accessories for friends and acquaintances who wanted to invest themselves. The Peoples Bailout was formed.

He began also selling Silver Bullion (large bricks of silver not incorporated in accessories) to investors on his website and on eBay and his business took off. He had done it. He could now do something he enjoyed and was passionate about, making income on his own terms. He could ditch the 9-5 boredom for a new jet setting lifestyle that fulfilled his needs.

“My favorite part about waking up in a foreign country, is that you are always learning something. “ He explained when asked what he enjoyed most about his new lifestyle.

“I go out into the street and talk to people, everyone, practicing a new language with confidence and even picking up new friends along the way.”


How would something like this change your mindset on a daily basis? It’s done wonders for Gary.

“Now when I’m relaxing, I’m RELAXING. Letting only good thoughts into my head, I’m free to thing the thoughts I want too, free from the bills and stresses of home, just looking for activities that make ME smile.”

“When I travel, I don’t look at culture and try to understand it. I LIVE their culture and I WILL understand it. I try to immediately become a local in the way I eat, speak and even dress.”


Gary blending in

“I even started painting motorcycles in Italy and realized that I really do love the auto body business, but on my terms.”


A Scooter gary painted in Italy

So what now? How does one fill their time in the day once liberated from the 9-5 grind?

Gary structures his business to allow him to take 3 month breaks(mini-retirements) and pursue the things he likes to do.

The most recent goal?

He currently has an opportunity to run for the Achilles Foundation in the New York City marathon, a mighty task he knows nothing about. Fortunately he isn’t one to back down from a challenge.

“I recognize that people may look and say that he’s just lucky or he’s unstable, but that isn’t true. I’m learning not only about the world, but about myself. Those who stop learning, stop living.”

He urges this message to those looking for similar freedom.

“Don’t stop working, just start living. Learn to handle the critics and naysayer’s and remember, Some will laugh, Many will follow.”

No one is laughing now…

You can follow Gary's newest adventures here.

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