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Freedom comes at a price, pay up.


I was thinking this morning about entrepreneurs and how they enjoy a sense of purpose and freedom that most 9-5ers' never will. Like most things that are worth having in this life, this freedom comes with a price, a toll that needs to be paid before you can get on the bridge to your passion. This toll gate doesn't take quarters or dollars, well maybe some dollars, but the main cost is your time, all of your will and every bit of passion and perseverance that is in your spirit.

This expression I'm using is many times used to describe our military service or our tax dollars spent on wars. I won't get into the tax dollars spent, but I can say as an entrepreneur, I am not going to compare myself to an American soldier. What they do, the pains they endure and the long lasting effects on the life of the things they have seen are something I can't even imagine. I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for all men and women who serve our country and protect our freedoms.

This idea has to be the same however in the mind of the entrepreneur. You have to wage your own personal war on your boredom, on your life, to build momentum forward for what you are trying to do or it will never come to be. You don't need to step on a battlefield and risk your life, no you just have to sacrifice your time in the battlefield that is business. You don't have to duck bullets and shrapnel, you have to make phone calls, set up meetings and network constantly. No sleeping in a barrack wondering if you might get bombed and die in your sleep. Just sacrificing watching Flavor of Love so you can stop wasting your life and build a foundation for something that you love.

We make things way too complicated and I am guilty of this as well. JUST GO OUT AND DO SOMETHING! It isn't easy but it sure as shit isn't as hard was being a soldier. If you are an entrepreneaur you are a rare breed in this country, you have a rare make up. You are stronger than you will ever know so just go out and kill it. Work 15 hours a day, do what you have to do, stay ethical and win.

It's 3:30 am and I'm writing this blog this morning because I'm doing what I love. I love writing and interacting with people. I love showing young confused people like I was, that there is something out there for them in this treacherous economy. My goal is to inspire you and I hope something I've said here today can touch one person, can get one person off there ass and get them to stop hating what they do and start doing what they love. That's all I got for you today, God Bless.

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