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Embracing Humility to Achieve Greatness



Photo Credit- Jenny Downing

It is one of those nights. A glass of red and a long week have brought upon the inevitable deep pondering that comes with the weekly reset.

While it is something that you enjoy and live for, you are well aware the moment, the feeling and the brief sense of enlightenment is as fleeting as the changing colors of a winter sunset. While finding intense beauty in the moment, we know it cannot last.

So this is the stage for tonight. The solution to my madness and yet also the muse for a new problem are present. The thing that seems most clear on nights like these is that growth is slow and reality is the 400 pound tatted up bouncer that separates one from their dreams.

As young men we are told that we are idealistic, naive to the real world. Yet we can't seem to retain a strand of humility. While in retrospect we may look back and laugh out our awful and short sighted arrogance, we are well aware of the necessary evil that this pompous prick must play out.

The raw and uninhibited truth is that our lack or normalcy in youth is what can create a life of prosperity and perceived normalcy in our latter years.

I don't know. Maybe I've had too much wine and just like these big words.

Maybe the truth is that a young mans arrogance must be shed and humility is the necessary evil that drives the change and lights the fire inside said behind.

Either way it seems a growth, a maturation and a changing of the guard must occur and it is happening right now.

Before it was too soon. Idealism and intelligence can drive you into bankruptcy and irrelevance.

Fortunately combined with learned discipline, unstoppable drive and most importantly charisma and savvy, one can really turn shit around.

This is me now. I am watching it happen and unfold in slow motion like a car wreck of positive thoughts and learned lessons driving change to new levels.

My best is yet to come, it always has been, but now I can see it exuding out of my fucking eyeballs. A newfound relentlessness matched with what has always lied within.

A new week begins. A new me is found.


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