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Getting what you want

Growing up it seems I was predestined to buckle under, give in and let others control my destiny. I had an older brother I looked up too and tried to emulate. But after a while, gaining approval from others just wasn't enough for me.

It didn't take long before I became the rebllious one of the bunch. Whether it was my desire to be different or pure disdain for authority, I'm not sure, likely both. 

But a funny thing happens as many of us transition into our 20's. That old feeling of bukling under makes its presence felt once again. Whether it be friends, family or advisors, it seems everyone is once again telling you what you should do.

"Get a good steady job", "Find a nice girl, and marry her", "Get a house in town and settle down, pop out a few kids"

As much as white picket fences and the married life with a few little tikes running around appeals to me, I find myself once again rebelling against these ideas and wanting something different for myself.

Today, I can see that my options are limitless, Longterm world travel, self improvement and flexability to choose a career path that I know I'll actually enjoy. My point is  this...

Be patient!

It's ok to be 24 and not know what the hell your gonna do. I'd much rather be here than 2 years into a bad marriage with a child, working a job I don't enjoy to support my family I prematurly rushed into. If it is time to get married, or take a great job or make another life changing decision, thats great. But don't settle because it'l make everyone besides yourself happy. After all we've all be doing that for too long haven't we?



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