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It is amazing how this one thing can have such an effect on how we live our everyday lives. While it seems these days everyone is trying to figure out how to make quick money, very few people seem to actually have success in doing so.

So why can some people enjoy success in making lots of money in abstract ways, while others suffer to make any?

It seems to boil down to a few things:

  • Passion- There is no question that a strong will and desire to succeed is the number one asset in building wealth. Loving what you do and putting all that you have into it provides much better results than simply slaving away and not enjoying yourself in your endeavor. Passion enables you to be more creative and helps you to always put out your best work, enjoying the sense of pride that comes with doing what you love.
  • Knowledge- Clearly a never ending thirst for knowledge is a key component to being successful in any industry. If you plan on winning in your industry, you must know the ins and outs well and be able to create something that sets you apart from your competition. Today more than ever, business and how its being done is changing quicker than ever. being ahead of the curve and knowing what's coming is essential. It seems many of the most successful CEO's never stop learning and adapting to their industries. The quest for knowledge should be never ending for any entrepreneur, this is what keeps your business up with changing times.
  • Action- More important that knowledge is action. There are millions of smart people out there who posess a passion and immense base of knowledge on a topic and yet will never take the nessesary action to pursue their dream. This is what seperates the dreamers from the doers. Everyone seems to have a great idea on how to make money from home or make money on the internet and yet percentage wise, very few people are successful in making these things happen.



These three components are key in enjoying success in your entrepreneurial venture. If you want the money, the cars the clothes and the, well you get the idea... You must posses all three of these things and have a relentlessness in your pursuit.  

While money isn't everything, it isn't nothing either. We all grind it out each day to earn more money, not just to have bigger numbers on an ATM receipt, but because we know what having that money can provide us with. More time, more freedom and more happiness.

My message is this: Put in the time, Learn everything you can, Make sure your passionate about what your doing and take action as often as possible. Doing so will hugely improve your chances of seeing success!

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