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Bloggin off the dome- Live before you die

Here is my version of a freestyle blog post, similar to a freestyle rap, 100% improvised and unedited (sorry I suck at spelling)


Photo used under Creative Commons from Aaron Escobar

Today I was hanging out and came across Steve Jobs Speech at the Stanford University graduation a few years back. In it he brings up the idea that "if today was the last day of you life would you be  happy doing what your doing" to paraphrase.

Too often we are sucked into the everyday grind and don't focus on the big picture. This idea in particular really brings it into perspective.

Do you want to die knowing you never got to so many of the things your passionate about because your time was filled with the everyday idiosyncrasies that we busy ourselves with?


I don't. Thats why I'm different. It's why you hate me or love me, why I hit a homerun or strikeout.

Great things do not get accomplished by thinking small.

Today I want to send this message out. Love your family like nothing else. Work your butt off as long as you know that you like what your doing. Forget about retirement.


No pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is going to save you from death. You might die right when you actually get to that point and will have worked your entire life for nothing.

Life isn't promised, death is. Find your happiness before death finds you.


That's all I got...

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