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Adversity- Why Wolves Kill Sheep Everytime

We are all herded sheep, so obsessed with our own meager existence, if you can call it that, that we are unable to focus on anything outside our narrow view of what society says our happiness should be. We fail to realize that we learn and grow the most from those times when we reach our most weak and vulnerable state.

“Pure hell forces action, but anything else can be endured with enough clever rationalization.”

Tim Ferriss

If you haven't stopped reading yet, I thank you for letting me insult the status quo perspective to make an important point. Mediocrity is nothing to aspire too. If you believe it is, please stop reading now. It is not that I think I'm better than you in anyway, we just have the same mindset and you won't get anything of value from reading further.

If your still with me, then you likely believe that you are destined for something more in this life. You are what I define as the Game Changers.
What are the Game Changers you ask? Here are some characteristics of a GC:

  • Not accepting of mediocrity, destined for greatness at all costs
  • Live life with a never ending curiosity and thirst for knowledge
  • Resilient to adversity, with unstoppable drive. Settling for less is not an option.
  • A belief that passionate pursuits of self improvement throughout life are vital.
  • Values Time and Happiness over bank account balances and the accumulation of possessions

This is just a brief overview, I'll cover GC's in much more depth in a future report.

What these Game Changers know, is that Adversity is what builds character and creates our future successes. The GC's are the polar opposite of the aforementioned sheep.

The sheep on the other hand are overtaken by adversity, they see it as a good time to give up. You likely know many people in your own life with this mentality, I call it the Victim mentality. These individuals con themselves into believing that greatness is unachievable, that the dreamers and doers of the world are reckless, living risky lives. They treasure stability and normalcy over all things. They really would rather live an unfulfilling life, than risk any sort of change. These sheep graze all day within the confining limits of their farm until the day they die within it's mundane boundaries.

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GC's are the proud and the few and they are wolves. They take risk and throw caution to the wind and now and again, fall hard. Their advantage lies in the fire that burns inside of them that cannot be extinguished. They are made differently then the sheep of the world. They understand that adversity and failure are merely precursors to success and happiness and are the catalysts for personal growth and understanding. While the sheep huddle together and hide in uncertain times, the wolves fight to the death and win, they know nothing else.

Anyone who plans on doing anything great in this life will face huge adversity and see colossal failures over and over again. When you hit this point you have only two options. Are you a sheep or a wolf?

If you're a wolf and you have just hit this point, do me a favor and smile in the face of adversity. You are damn lucky. You have now within you what alludes so many of us on a daily basis. You now have Motivation on your side which is basically like adding gasoline-soaked hay bales to your fire. Don't let it go to waste for another second and for damn sure stop your pity party right now. The truth is no one truly cares about your problems, they care how you come out the other side. Channel pain, guilt and sarrow into positive energy and quit being so damn sheep-like.

You are a Game Changer so change the game and play by your own rules. Only let people around you who share your mindset in these times, you can't afford to let the weak minded in. Take some personal time and worry only about yourself for once, if your going to change the game, you need to capitalize on this time to produce fruit in your passionate pursuits.


"The greatest barrier to success, is the fear of failure"

Sven Goran Eriksson

Decide that you are the only one who can make the decision to get back up and keep failing, learning and failing again. Your fire cannot be put out and therefore you can never truly fail, but rather move step by step closer to your dreams.

This is your game, and there is no telling when the clock will run out. Never throw in the towel, fight till you die and win...


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