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Finding and Forcibly Violating your Motivation within


A shot from my trip to Lima, Peru

Catchy title huh?

I started writing this article in general broad terms that everyone could relate too and then decided, screw everyone else, I'm going to cover the method I like to use myself, sorry...

Motivation for myself and many of us can be hard to come by and once found can be fleeting. I personally have an infactuous personality and ADD, so while I can pour my heart into something for a day or two, sticking with things for more than a week is one hell of a challenge for me.

But enough about my short comings, what I want to explain today is a method I've come up with in the past few days that has helped me increase my focus and efficiency tenfold. What's even better is it is a method which is easily applicable for anyone who suffers with losing motivation and focus.

It all starts when you wake up

If you are like me, the first few hours of your day are usually wasted in a cloudy unproductive state. I'm not a morning person and never have been. Simply waking up and being able to perform simple tasks in the first hour I am awake is a challenge. I've found that by curing this inefficiency in the morning, the rest of the day falls into place mush easier and productivity is increased exponentially.

Developing a Routine

I stumbled upon this new routine by accident. I was flipping through My old memory card on my digital camera and came across pictures of my 3 months trip through South America. I remembered how much of a routine and rhythm I had gotten into while living in Buenos Aires.

Every Morning I would wake up, drink a protein shake and walk to the gym for a workout. I would then walk home, make the same breakfast of eggs and yogurt. I'd then find a nice cafe to write and drink coffee before heading home for my lunch consisting of a beef patty and vegetables, which was the same every day as well. To make a long story short the only variable of my day that ever arose was where I was going out too on the weekends and in the afternoons. Everything else was planned precisly with the exception of Sundays where I would wander and try to get lost in the city, before finding my way home.

I thought then about how erratic my schedule has been since coming back home and how I have no sense of a routine. I've always been praised for my spontaneity and willingness to not conform to the usual lifestyle, however it has become clear that a sense of discipline and a consistant routine is the most effective way for me to flourish. This led me to analyzing how to get some discipline back into my lifestyle and create a routine that is effective in focusing my attention.

The Solution

When I wake up in the morning I've implemented a routine that  gets my mind on track. First off I get up and throw on a pot of coffee. Then I throw this song on while it brews, which puts me in a good mood and the right mind state.

Then I go through the slide show on my camera of my Buenos Aires trip and remember the good times while providing myself with motivation to get back there soon.

Then it's off the the gym for 30 minutes of cardio with no music, where I just let the positive images and thoughts run through my mind, along with the caffeine in my system.

After that I come home, shower, get dressed up and start writing what I'm thinking. One full page of whatever is on my mind. I'm then ready to go and have found myself to be remarkably more productive.

This is what works for me. I suggest that if you share similar struggles that you try and implement something similar. Anyways, there is my page for the day, now time for work!









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