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Turning Pages & Moving forward

Turning Pages & Moving forward

Please excuse my grammar everyone, I am doing what I call "freestyle blogging" tonight. After writing and editing all day as a free lancer, I'd rather just speak what's on my mind and not spend a great deal of time editing tonight.

After all, today is somewhat of a turning point and it will be just ten days before I depart on my next journey. In that light, I felt it nessesary to speak my mind on a topic that comes with difficulty to many of us. I've spoken recently about why we travel, the constant search for moments, the urge to learn of foreign lands, but I have not discussed yet the complicated subject of leaving life at home behind.


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Leaving Life for the Road

I would be lying to say that I can simply hop on to a plane emotionless and leave behind the life I have built here in Scottsdale. I have been here for nearly a year after all, and it has served as a transitionary period of my life. I feel that my previous traveles showed me so much about the life I desired and taught me the steps I must take to achieve this lifestyle.

But enough about me. What I am trying to say tonight, or rather this morning as I look at my watch, is that at certain points, it is necessary to turn the page and begin writing the next chapter of your life's tale. This is a time that can be tremendously emotional and difficult leaving friends, family, pets and the entire life you have known behind for something unknown. Fortunately you need only take part in this act once to learn the proper way to harness these emotions.

How to Leave Home Smiling

The first time I left home was incredibly difficult. My mom and my other best friend Mizer drove me to the airport to send me off on the journey, a tearful and difficult process. However what I noticed the most was upon parting ways, passing through security and awaiting take off, all of the sadness, anxiety and stress gave way to something stronger. Adrenaline pumped through my veins, anticipation of the unknown lit the fire within.

This feeling of standing in front of a departure gate with nothing but a backpack and a dream, is what keeps me moving. Though the good byes are unquestionably always difficult, what awaits is worth the fleeting sadness and as that 747 rushes forward and pulls back, I can not help but feel the corners of my mouth creep upward into a knowing grin. Here we go again...

Living Bueno Part two is upon us.


Solitary Confinement in Berlin

Solitary Confinement in Berlin

Embracing Humility to Achieve Greatness