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Solitary Confinement in Berlin

Solitary Confinement in Berlin

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Photo Credit - Niezwyciezony

June 17th, 2011 Berlin, Germany

I was born to be alone. Independence and freedom are prized above all else in my mind and it is because of this fact that I wander.

I wander in search of something that I cannot find and wanderlust has lead me to various corners of the earth, only to lead me back home, seemingly as lost as ever.

With each voyage I grow and learn and this is something that simultaneously invigorates and frightens me. It seems that I am scared to know just what I am truly capable of and this instead of finding out, I run.

Tonight I am in Berlin. I feel old, but not wise. I am realizing that this game is no longer mine to play, I have served my time.

I am much too strong for my own good, shunning relationships aside, foregoing social opportunities in order to be different when in fact, I am not.

My heart longs to pound with the excitement of a new love, my brain yearns for the in depth conversation of an intelligent acquaintance who understands.

I find myself alone tonight, in my own prisons block of solitary confinement, limited by the walls I put up around myself and knowing that my time on this earth is not promised, praying that I live the life that is meant for me before I die.

Tomorrow I leave for Prague, my search continues and what I find is up to only me.


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