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Seattle to Buenos Aires, a rent comparison

People don't always understand why I'm so high on Buenos Aires as a destination for mid to long term travel. I realized that what I usually reply with, are facts about how european it is and it's attractive mild climate. I tell them how it is the "Paris of South America" and how there is tango dancing in the streets. However I think many times in my excitment I fail to mention that as an American, our currency is very strong in Argentina (currently $1 us= 3.8045 Argentine Pesos) so almost 1 to 4 ratio!

Try getting that Exchange rate in Europe...To drive this point home I have created the following comparison of Seattle,Wa(my current home city) to Buenos Aires, AR (my future home).

Living expenses

Rent- SEA Average grade Belltown Apartment $1200.00 per month with a minimum 6 month lease. Here is what you get:


Not too shabby, decent clean place in a great part of the city. Walking distance to everything, no need for a car really and close to the best night life in Seattle.

Features (as described on Craigslist)

This home is newly renovated features include new carpet, new vinyl flooring, new appliances, large living area, large windows, modern accent walls, brushed nickel hardware and lighting, and much more!


Rent- Buenos Aires Very nice upgraded apartment in Recoleta with amenities (high end neighborhood in BA) Price you ask? $799.00 per month


Features (as described on Craigstlist)

Brand New Building With Internet, Laundry, Pool, Gym, Security, BBQ Grills,

Fully Furnished Studio For 2 In The Heart Of Buenos Aires, Top Floor, Terrace , Open City View ··

FEATURES WOOD FLOORS, art work furniture, complete marble bathroom with tub, dinning table, 1 DOUBLE BED, sofa, phone, TV / DVD, complete kitchen, coffemaker, toaster, microwave, oven, linens and towels provided


So to say the least, much cheaper and arguably much nicer (in my opinion) to rent in Buenos Aires.You can also find very nice places for rent in other cheaper parts of both cities, this is just a comparision of two of the very nice areas in each.





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