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The turning of a page, off to South America

Within the next 30 hours I will be boarding a plane,starting an adventure into the unknown. A life experiment of sorts. Leaving life in suburbia to embrace the unknown and enter a new world. Having met and interviewed some amazing people who have made a similar leap for happiness and seen success. I hoped the grass was greener.

A chance to reinvent who I am in a foreign land where they barely understand what I speak, but they nod to my beat. Bittersweet with teary eyed goodbyes, but a feeling of adrenaline building for an epic adventure. The point of no return, its happining. Im ready to turn this page, better, brighter days await. Damn.

Buenos Aires, here I come, time to get to work...

Travel day 1 SEA to SFO to FLL

My Trip Itinerary for the first month