Hey There!

Welcome to my blog. Follow Nicole, Lilly and I as we travel the world and live the good life!

Travel day 1 SEA to SFO to FLL

Well it's happining, I'm currently sitting in an airport terminal at Seatac getting ready for a full day of flying. Departing from Seattle to San Franciso at 6AM and eventually arriving in Fort Lauderdale at 6PM. I have some big plans in store for this website as well as a whole lot of adventures to live. I will do my best to keep in touch very often and keep the site up and improving everyday.

Time to live good I guess...

Thank you to all followers of the site and those who have left such nice comments. I'm glad people enjoy what I'm doing and promise to keep upping the bar.

Thanks also are in order for all my friends and family who have supported my dreams and helped me and most importantly believed in me. I won't let you down. Mom tell Bill the Dog I love her and will miss her.

Awesome stuff soon to come stay tuned!

Update from Lima Peru

The turning of a page, off to South America